Javascript is not enabled, so webpages will not load properly.

Javascript is a programming language that is used on many websites for displaying buttons on pages and pull down menus for example.
It enables the pages to be more active. Many large dating sites like use Javascript. Google recommends allowing Javascript in their new browser.

Most browsers allow Javascript access by default. It would only be disabled by changing the security settings.

Read more about Javascript on Wikipedia.

To enable Javascript for Internet Explorer:

1. Go to Tools near the top right corner of the page (it may hide under two right arrows, >>).
2. Click on Internet Options.
3. Click on Security
4. Click on the button near the bottom that says "Default Level" and set adjust the level to Medium-high.

To enable Javascript in Firefox:

1. Go to tools on the top menu bar.
2. Select "options..."
3. Click on the "Content" tab and check "enable Javascript".

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