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Reading, writing, yoga, Kinetic Sculpture Race and similar ridiculous and whimsical events which are basically about not taking oneself too seriously, celebrating creativity and enjoying it - DANCING, live music, dressing up (used to be in the theatre) and all kinds of interesting cultural/artistic events/festivals.
56 years old
from 35 to 53

United States
Bel Air, MD


Brainy, Irreverent Deadhead Chick seeks Groovacious Guy
Former hydrologist turned science teacher and entrepreneur, extroverted, fun-loving, sensual, spontaneous, a true Entropy Babe. Still a hippie chick at heart, love music festivals, hiking, camping, Grateful Dead music (DSO show, anyone?) but also - would love to meet my dance partner, the one who either already knows all those great steps or is willing to learn them with me and we are talking tango, baby. Don't worry - I'm totally out of practice, so don't think you have to be Fred Astaire (but if you are I promise to work extra hard to catch back up in my skills) Never really thought you'd like dancing? Oh, LET me make it worth your while <slightly wicked smile> quoth The Entropy Babe...


Kurt Vonnegut, Ayn Rand, Hunter S. Thompson, Joseph Heller






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