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My knowledge of all these interest for me are to the extent that I wish I knew more, but I always feel I want to know so much more. I love having theoretical thoughts, about anything and everything, I like thinking about the mind blowing facts that most never think about. A good example is that one of my friends and me at work talked about light for an hour. I love coming up with a nice theory on something and talking to someone who knows more than me to bounce it off them.

I enjoy learning, I love writing (typing to be exact, can't write half as much as I can type). I write poetry on my livejournal account when I get the time, I have written a few short stories about what happens at my job, I posted those on my Myspace account.

I also enjoy working out, swimming, snorkeling, diving, hiking, going to museums , camping, sleeping, playing video games, reading, writing, and watching movies
37 years old
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from 18 to 78

6'1" (185cm)




I work Security for a County Court House






Currently a student


Does it matter?






Marshal University


United States
Huntington, wv


Set Off Balance Upon A World Size Marble
I don’t stress about what the world thinks of me, I’m really laid back and just except the flow of most things that happen in life. I handle the things I can handle and let slide the things I have no control over.

I believe that when you’re in a relationship you should always be totally truthful. I’m very caring, forgiving, understanding. I think that if everyone would treat others how they want to be treated then this world would be that much better of a place to live in.

I don’t always feel as though I have to fill the silence with useless chatter, and instead I would much rather have an intelligent conversation on deep subjects. I appreciate the small things in life, and am always grateful for the fact that I notice them.


Some of the books I'm crawling through right now are The Universe in a Nutshell, by Stephen Hawking. The OZ chronicles, by Lyman Frank.

Last book I read that I loved was The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the Five Novels smashed in one), loved it.

These are books I really like: (The Zombie Survival Guide, Alice In Wonderland, The Watchmen (Only graphic novel to have won the Hugo award, also this is the book that the movie came from.), Fight Club,

Neil Gaiman is my favorite writer: Neverwhere, American Gods, Good Omen, the sandman collection). He has done movies, novels, and graphic novels. He covers about everything there is in story telling.


If only having one question to ask, I would simply ask why? Take the question how you will it is meant to have a different meaning for everyone. Just asking why with out being precise in what you're looking for leaves it up to the reader to fill in their own blank.


Good food, deep conversation, a walk with a talk, and a nice sun set.


Video games: guild wars, Second Life, zombie games, Halo, Bio shock, Katamari, Boarder lands.


Movies (in no order): Hero, Stardust, American Beauty, American History X, Fight Club, Office Space, The Note Book, City of Angles, Dark City, Gladiator, Blade Runner, Boondock Saints, Way of the Gun, and a lot of Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly movies. That's a good base of the movies I like.

I like all kinds of music, with the exceptions of: gangster rap, tears in you beer country, and awkward polish songs (my step moms polish). To give you an example of some music I do like: Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, Opera, Say Anything, Gaslight Anthem, The Cure, Interpol, Cursive, Techno, and so much more.



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