"Nextera" Designer: Single writer designer and futurist

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62 years old
from 35 to 60

United States
Keaau Hawaii


Single writer designer and futurist
Well read, well traveled and well spoken Renaissance Man .
I have seen much of the World and believe that travel is the
best form of education. I am a writer,(factual articles) a
novelist, inventor, designer, draftsman, technical illustrator.
prolific poet, visionary, entrepreneur, and Futurist. I like
classic Blues going back to Robert Johnson at the "Crossroads " Classic rock(was involved with live large
venue shows met and provided on stage "LIght Shows"
in several high profile concerts and Rock Stars, Concert
staff and Promoter situations. Jazz, not 100% but such a
vast category room for everyone's taste, Love "Weather
Report" "Return to Forever" Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughn
( Jimmy Lead guitar / Fabulous Thunder Birds ) Eric Clapton
( have seen many times, always a treat) Acoustic guitarist
"!2 string" Leo Kottke ( must hear) He is so good that I saw
and heard him play by himself in an acoustically perfect
auditorium that seated 10,000. Everyone went crazy, was
on their feet most of the show whistling, clapping, dancing.
I was still looking around for the other musicians !
80's new Wave, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, The
Police, Motels, Devo , Blondie, Cars, Doobie Bros. Little Feat, Santana, The Fixx, Grateful Deadhead, The Pretenders, Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck,
Modern smooth Jazz, George Benson, Al Gireaux,\
Dave Coz, Chuck Mangione, Bruce Cockburn, Holst ("The Planets") George Gershwin, R. Struass, Billey Holiday,
Janis Joplin, Grace Slick w Jefferson Airplane, and Jefferson
Starship. I saw these bands including ( Hot Tuna ) in many
different places. Actually got to meet and chat with my
heroes Paul Kantner, Marty Balin , and Jack Casady in
Kona years ago.
Legally emancipated at 17 left Co. to go to S.F. bay
area to visit friend at Pacific School in the Santa Cruz
mountains. He was attending a unique private prep school
staffed by U.C. Berkeley Grad students in engineering
and architecture. It was only one Of R. Buckminster Fuller's
projects. The idea was to experiment, with common and
inexpensive construction materials (2X4's sheet ply wood
various types of fasteners) to build live in and test the
first civilian Geodesic Dome Habitats.
This was too fun was also a California teenage
co-ed "you build the campus" accredited Ca. School
and commune! Ha! Well I have always been an inventor
and wood worker since day one of kindergaden, so I
really got involved in (Structures to be Used in Future
Space missions NASA) Yeah Fuller a fully qualified Engineer
and Architect, famous celebrity College Professor, High
profile ecologist etc. Backed the school. I stayed there
for 2 or more months, studying the Geodesic and Tensile
structures and have built variations of them all around the
World. In 1986 Monsoon, Built the 1st permanent Geo Dome
in K. Nepal for a Tibetan friend that I had bought some
handmade carpets from. I have built Geo domes as homes
workshops, guest houses (Hawaii) green houses w bamboo
frames, Studied wood joinery in Japan. I can design, draft
and build all sorts of traditional Japanese solid wood antique
furniture, "Shoji Screens" "Tansu "solid wood cabinets, that
can be arranged in different combinations / nautical luggage)replicas in the amazing high definition Hi hard woods, Inventor, have at least 10 original "devices" or
systems that will appear in this 1st volume of a high
profile copyrighted introduction, than will be available online on Smart phones, tablets, Laptops, and other PC's.
If you have ever known any serious pro writer's
before you most likely know that they seek solitude,
24/7 hardwired communications, access to the essential
amenities, affordability, and In my case a perfect retreat\to write, print, copy or scan almost anything ! I am a Woodsmith, (career from real in the green uniform of the
Forest Rangers. To studying Dendrology, Biology, Sawmill
I am a millwright, cabinet designer builder, framer, finish
and trim carpenter. I built solid hardwood custom, original
and replica designs is solid highly figured Hawaiian hard
woods including Koa, Mango. Ohia, Monkeypod, Milo. Kau,
etc. Have been very involved in replica traditional Japanese
Archtecture, Tea Houses (all wood joinery) all wood joinery
Serious amateur Astronomer, sailor, Stand up comic,
total handy man, that can do your remodel or original
building plans, get your local permit for you and provide
a bid based on where and when. Easy going, project oriented, active like hiking dig photos, gourmet picnics,
antique stores, Have Lived and worked in Japan, Thailand
Nepal, and Bali Indonesia. At night when the closest road
traffic tapers off you can hear the Ocean's waves and in
coming surf. There is a private local park that I can walk
to in 15 minutes, that has a spectacular 180* Ocean view,
If any of this makes sense, get back to me If I must go
I will seek a qualified woman that is up to it as well.
All the best for you, a stealth object about to go
"public" on a whole lot screens Scotty skywedge9@gmail.


Graham Greene, Sommerset Maughm, Plato, Aristotle,Dickens
Einstein,Shakespeare, James Hilton, Tom Wolfe, Hunter S.
Thopson ( that I encountered personally 3 times!) Kurt
Vonnegut Jr. Philip K, Dick. Robert Heinlein, R. Buckminster
Fuller. Steven B. Hawking, Jules Verne, Aldous Huxley, Raymond Chandler, Rex Stout, Steven B. Hawking, Carl Sagan
James Patterson John D. MacDonald, Sir Arthur C. Doyle
Nicola Tesla, Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury Ursula K LeGuinne,
Carlos Casteneda, Issac Asimov, Ken Follet,
Henry Miller, Doug Adams, Arthur C. Clark, Tom Robbins
Darwin. Michner, Gandhi, The Dalai Lama , F.S. Fitzgerald
Poe, Lao Tze. Confucius, Lord Byron, Rudyard Kipling
Peirs Antony, Og Mandino, Harry Harrison, Edgar Rice
Burroughs, Anne Rice, R.B.Howard, Dashel Hammet, Zane Grey, Plutarch, Leonard Nimoy, Marco Polo, Hemingway
Machievelli, Euclid , H.G. Wells , Allister Crowley, Churchill,
Bococcio, Osho, Frank Herbert, Arthur Miller, Tennessee
Wiliams, Jacque Cousteau, Jimmy Buffet,H.P. Lovecraft
Hershel, Gurgieff, Henry James, Robert M. Persig, Mary
Shelly. Bram Stoker,





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