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I have a secret interest in the stock market. It seems a little weird to my close friends but I enjoy investing in and trading stocks, options, and currencies.
61 years old
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from 35 to 60

6'0" ( 183cm)


About average








PhD/Post doctorate








Austin College, U of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas


United States


Beginning a New Chapter
I am laid back and love to travel. I have been fortunate to have seen most continents but there is so much more to explore. I love learning how different cultures approach universal human dilemmas as well as address the routines of everyday life.
I prefer intimate conversation to watching professional sports on TV. In fact, I prefer intimate conversations to most things.
I am a single father of a preteen daughter, and frankly, she is my priority. So, we probably won't click if you can't relate to that. However, her mom has her half time and that leaves me plenty of personal free time.
I like a few close friends more than a lot of acquaintances, which I guess makes me introverted. But when I am around people they almost always think I am funny.
I am new to online sites but guess I am looking for someone to explore, share, and enjoy whatever comes.


Does the concept of infinity bother you (especially in regard to time and space)?


Anything I walk away from with a smile and sense of connection.


TV: Modern Family


I was once named "Philanthropist of the Year" by a small nonprofit (they got most of their funding from the government and I suspect that I was their only individual donor that year), but still, I have been a Philanthropist of the Year. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Other than professional associations, I belong to and support organizations that seek drug policy reform.


I was mildly dyslexic as a kid and never learned to read for pleasure. I have so much academic/professional reading that I seldom read fiction….except what politicians and investment advisors write.


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fast and easy American fare
health conscious
fruits and nuts
steak and potatoes
sushi, sushi, sushi


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