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Interesting plays in smaller venues, novels, poetry, notable nonfiction, NYTimes, fixing up the old home, growing greens, meeting other dog-lovers, secularly Jewish interested in learning more about my heritage, mountains, sea, NPR, people who know how to talk about books, touching and being touched, psychology, helping others, photography, fixing things that are broken, and recycling.
65 years old
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from 47 to 65

5'8" (173cm)


Have some extra pounds


Engaging, friendly librarian






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Connecticut College, San Jose State U.


United States
San Francisco Bay Area


Culture lover, gentle spirit seeks same
Looking for a partner who wants to enjoy life together, build something sustainable over time. Share at least some of these things: interest in learning new things, making a nice home and garden, loving a dog or (your) kids, paying the bills, cooking together, going out and enjoying city culture (theater, movies, concerts). Learning how to be generous and supportive in relationship....I'd love to meet other readers, other writers, who are also looking.... I've been living in Bay Area for over 25 years, but grew up on the East Coast. Grew up in an artistic, intellectual environment that often made me feel different. It took me a while to find a career that meshes with who I am, and am currently apprenticing as a librarian in a public library. I love to connect with people, but often need alone time to recharge and explore my passions.


Dave Eggers, Jennifer DuBois, Alain de Botton, David Whyte, Walter Isaacson, Barbara Kingsolver, Misha Glouberman, Sheila Heti, Harper Lee, Julian Barnes, Michael Ondaatje, Luis Alberto Urea, Chad Harbach, Michael Chabon, Annie Dillard, Michael Morpurgo, Jeanette Winterson, (to be continued)


Tell me something about your favorite grandparent (if you knew them) and do you think you got from him or her? My grandmother immigrated here from Russia with her children (technically I'm first generation); her mother moved first to NY to escape pogroms and to keep her sons out of the Czarist army. My grandmother learned to cook some really special Russian dishes after she got here (she felt she was expected to). Apparently she was a lifelong proponent of self-improvement, believed in a daily walk, read and loved Chekhov, was a talented milliner in the days when everyone wore a hat, and wrote an autobiography so we would know everything about her....


Leisurely coffee date or meal or walk through a park, where we get to talk about anything and everything that comes to mind, and we both feel that the other one listened well. We smiled a lot, we laughed a lot, and the one who likes to touch touched the other one who likes to be touched....and we got each other's allusions :)


tennis / dictionary / pictionary....I don't know, not a huge game player.


Bach, Beethoven, Mozart; add to that a pinch of bluegrass, a bottleful of R&B, a handful of jazz, original singer be continued


Went back to school midlife to help me zero in on a better career for me....librarianship


Getting the right book into the right hands at the right time; teaching people how to access the information they need to improve their lives.


A Partial History of Lost CausesA Partial History of Lost Causes by Jennifer Dubois
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two lives linked by a letter written by a dying man come inexorably closer as the novel tells their two stories: Irina, a woman struggling with genetically programmed doom, and Aleksandr, a Russian chess champion, whose career suddenly implodes when a specially programmed computer threatens his world domination. Personal lives played out against politics is a well-known theme, but author Jennifer Dubois plays with this...inventing two characters who feel compelled to make their lives more meaningful, even if they may not be able to alter their fate. Perhaps she is trying to say something about our narcissim and get us to wake up and see beyond our narrow lives (see Laura Bennett's insightful NYTimes review).

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Visual Arts
health conscious
gourmet foodie
home cooking
sushi, sushi, sushi
wide international palate


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