Carolina: Seeking Fellow Traveler

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Work: Professional Christian Counselor (PHd)
Also: Professional PAINTER see
Love all the ARTS--- dance, theatre, films
Love to have great conversations, great food, great walks!
Have done vast amounts of travel
Love NYC, the coast of Maine, Mexico.
And my grandkids!
76 years old
from 60 to 75

United States
North Caldwell, NJ


Seeking Fellow Traveler
I am a fun, attractive artsy 72 yr old adventurer, thinker--doer who loves people and loves good company and very good food and very big waves, beautiful animals, birds, bugs--- all manner of creations,actually. I love many types of music---esp Jazz, folk-- bluesy,rootsy stuff, good classical, opera, Broadway, and more.


Of course all the writers of the Bible.
French 19thc poetry.
English 19thc poetry. Shakespeare, of course.
All American witers. Including Melville and Tom Wolfe.
Bob Dylan.
Where to start, where to stop.


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