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[More pics at my Dropbox link further down, under My Website]

Writing, teaching, music, high end audio, high end photography, intelligence, ending hypocrisy in the world, ice dancing if I can get it down, same with skiing, I'd be passionate about playing my electric guitar if I could play it if I had one, I'm *really* hoping we pull off space travel and seamless machine-to-skull virtual reality and great stuff with nanites and bionic eyes and ears in my lifetime. That and memory augmentation and seamless logic-chip-to-skull thinking augmentation.

As for you and I, I'm passionate about you, and about us, and about our conversations, and our lovemaking, intimacy, touching, affection, our growth in depth and breadth, our fun times, our timelessness, things hard to describe without the vocabulary of physical contact. But you know what I mean.
50 years old
from 27 to 47

5'11" (180cm)




Tryin' to find a woman




Bachelors degree


Math / Physics / Co-sci










United States
Boulder, CO




Sooner's got it all over later
G'day :)

So they made me say I'm 44 even though I'm only 42 (you know what I mean). My background is math, physics, and software. At present, I'm focusing on (very) accelerated education for (very) focused bright boys and girls and having a great time with that.

Beyond that, I'm into photography, treeskiing, wreckdiving, fine woodworking, started playing extreme tennis this last summer, and workout 4-5 days a week. I'm halfway through a first novel with a solid idea for the second, enjoy spending time getting to know interesting people, I've been an audiophile all my life, and enjoy getting really pulled into movies, music, and reading.

For vids/tunes/books, pretty much anything aesthetic, creative, or engineered I like most anything that's done with excellence. I'll read a story I'm not even interested in if the author is a true craftsman. Sometimes I'm reading something standing in the author's shoes and thinking, “Man, that [word, sentence, idea] is outstanding – he had to be happy as hell with that - hahaha!”


As for you and I, I'm looking for a mate who can keep up her end of a deep, intimate, lite, fun, and basically just 'whole' relationship. I believe the pinnacle experience for any sentient being is to encounter and explore another sentient being. To know one that is unknowably different from oneself is very deep; to be in love with one is truly 'life'.

I'm a very sexually oriented person. I wouldn't say primarily from an erotic standpoint so much as one of experiencing the height of bonding and togetherness. Lovemaking is in its essence communication - it is how you express something that is beyond words, dance, touch, playing music together... Makes sense that if you're a non-trivial sentient being it'd take every bit of communication resource and skill within reach to even attempt to convey your feelings to someone you love deeply.

So I like conversation a lot, and affection, touching, eye contact, going to bed a couple hours before we're tired, getting out of bed a few hours after we're awake.

Well hopefully that's enough for you to decide if you want to know more. ;) I'm going to move on with this join-up form so I can go see if I can find you...


PS I do smile plenty - just didn't have a pic because I'm almost always the one behind the camera.


Vernor Vinge, George R. R. Martin, Stephen King (the Tower stuff, I don't read horror), Jack London, Leon Uris (Trinity), Steinbeck, Pam Houston (Cowboys), Sherman Alexie (Lone Ranger), Jean Auel, Garry Trudeau... I'm sure I'm forgetting a few other favs... Ah! Definitely: Arundhati Roy (God of Small Things). Thought the story was fairly good but her sheer writing talent... I've never seen its equal.

And then there's me. I do like my stuff and have never found anyone else who writes like me. I write about... well, ask me. ;)


You gonna give me your number or what?


Long road trip. I really like the idea of writing back and forth a little bit, enough to be confident we can enjoy each other for at least a week no matter what, and then just going somewhere together. Do some city stuff, some outback stuff, go find a hotsprings up in the mountains, see the desert stars, eat really good food, go skiing, and just talk a whole lot, hang out, be affectionate and friendly, sleep very contentedly together, and just go spend 24x7 getting to know each other for awhile. Ideal first date, seriously, that's exactly how I would like the first time we see each other to go.


ur? I'm going to go a different direction here. I started tennis last year, like watching and playing sand volleyball, (really) like hockey sometimes, thinking about underwater hockey, and golf is great when I can put the time into it to get/stay good.

I'm into (mostly wreck) diving, (mostly tree) skiing, snowshoeing, backpacking (summer/winter), motorcycle trips, thinking about getting more into rock climbing, used to be a decent skater so thinking of taking that up a notch and getting into ice dancing. (That'd be *way* cool - I would *love* to do that with my girl.)


On the lighter end, Ron Howards, Goldie Hawns, Bill Murrays, Steve Martins, sophisticated relationship movies, pretty much anything well crafted. On the other end, Bladerunner, Apocalypse Now, the last Star Trek, Highlander, Thelma and Louise, almost anything Angelina Jolie, Sean Connery, Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington, Gene Hackman. I will watch nothing with Kevin Costner. Even if it's also got Angelina Jolie naked.

Music: pretty much everything pre-1978, pretty much nothing after. Notable exceptions: U2, Peter Gabriel, Indigo Girls, Olive, and love some of the good electronica trance stuff. Generally, like artists like Elton John, Heart, Bob Seger, Who, Carly Simon, Carole King, Dire Straits / Knopfler, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Fleetwood Mac, Enigma, Enya, ELP, Loggins, Lightfoot, Billy Preston ... Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, bluegrass, pre-1978 country, again, pretty much anything well crafted. And a good chunk of the music on Grey's Anatomy.


It's interesting how many of these things sound like nothing or like bragging so I'm not gonna really go there.

I once taught a guy the entire chapter on Conservation of Energy in 45 minutes while drunk. I almost got tossed out of grad school twice because my students blew the doors off everyone else's sections so badly they thought I was selling tests. One time a guy on a bus in Seattle interrupted my friend and I to say, "I just had tell you, that was the most interesting conversation I've ever overheard in my life." And a girl who long ago cared very deeply for me used to say, "Because, no one tells me stories like you do. :)"

There's a one other but that's a secret.


Well a good number of people have said both my books would change things up... "so you should get the damn things finished."

Other than that: teaching. I teach things about 4x faster for most kids and 8x faster for that particular niche which I presume is mostly the kids like us right here on this site looking for each other: the bright boys and girls that get left in the corner to attend to themselves while the public system focuses their 110% on the bottom of the bell curve. Those folks, us folks, I can help - huge. I'm starting this very semester; gonna show the folks what us campers can really do. I have no illusions about it reforming public education at large, but it'll make a splash big enough to be seen far and wide by a lot of sharp kids and their parents and other likeminded teachers.

So that should be fun. We like doing that. <grin>


Well I'm a member of a dating site called Brainiac... That seems a strange question here - aren't we all supposed to be loners and such?



I had a full site awhile ago - it's on my todo list to put it back up. I'll let you know.

fast and easy American fare
health conscious
fruits and nuts
gourmet foodie
heavy duty carnivore
home cooking
steak and potatoes
sushi, sushi, sushi


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