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46 years old
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from 36 to 48

5'2" (157cm)


About average






Masters degree


Biology & Physics


United States
Miami, FL


Along comes a woman
OK I admit that I am a bit of a handful. I live life in a big way. I love big, dream big, and I lose big too, but I certainly do live.

I am intensely passionate- this sometimes translates to flirting even when I don't mean it to- you will have to put up with this. I am out going and friendly- men talk to me a lot.

I will not call you 20 times a day. Hell, I probably won't call you 20 times a year. This doesn't mean I don't care, it means I want you to be in control because you are the guy. I will test you, I will see what you are made of, if you have self control and respect for both you and I.
Now go conquer something so I can miss you, then come back to me!

I will not grill you, and/or expect you to constantly explain yourself. If I can not trust you- I do not want you. I also try not to ask questions when I don't really want to know the answers.

I don't take you (or me) as seriously as you think I do. Other women have you ruined in that way. I like to enjoy each of the steps while we are on them. I am happy in and of myself.

I know I sound like a bit much. To deal with me you will have to be on your toes, I bore easily and rarely sit still. I don't commit easily because that I take seriously. If I love you, I will love you absolutely- the same way I do everything else. You will never have to wonder if I will be loyal because I will be even when it doesn't feel like it. If I love you, I will choose you first- over job, town, others. I will choose you even when it is not convenient for me, and even when the choice is hard. If I am committed to you, I will always choose you- and that is worth putting up with all my antics!
PS. Yes, I am still in NY, have been in Miami about every few weeks or so. As of today, I accepted a new job there so now I just have to work out the logistics of the move down! Moving always such fun!! Any advice on areas to live is appreciated!


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We connect so well that we end up slow dancing to Frank Sinatra till closing time.


Classical, Smotth Bluesy Jazz, Classic Rock, Salsa Music, Some dance music



Performing Arts





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