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56 years old
from 25 to 45

5'11" (180cm)




Would like to have children




PhD/Post doctorate




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United States
Laguna Niguel




Great Guy
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My name’s Breeze. I’m a rare mix of Asian Indian and German, which means I like curry as well as ale (not usually at the same time). If my friends were to describe me in 3 words they’d say I’m adventurous, intelligent, and romantic. I like to think I’m funny too, but that’s up for debate.

I’m currently in my 3rd year in medical school, have a JD and several Masters degrees. I’ve also spent some time working in the prison system doing physical therapy for several years. You might think that the years of school and some prison time might have turned me into a skeptic or a cynic, and you’re half right-- I’m definitely not superstitious. But I do sometimes like to play with ideas of destiny or fate and hope that if some magic like that exists, it’s what brought you to my profile right now.

I’m passionate about life and open to new experiences, and I try to keep active. I'm into daytime and night time mischief - rollerblading along the Rio Grande River, scuba diving in Alaska and Hawaii, flying a plane in Texas to horseback riding in New Mexico, riding a camel in Egypt, traveling to China, dragon boat racing in California, partying in San Antonio, and canoeing in Minnesota. And if you’re wondering, yes I’ve actually done all these things. Not to mention been on world-wide television (Okay, it was only once...and I may have accidentally stumbled into the shot..)

I believe it’s important to find beauty in life and keep being curious. For instance, I know the Roma originated in India, El Paso is closer to Los Angeles than it is to Houston, and Jerusalem time is 10 hours ahead. At one point, I bought a telescope and tried to learn the constellations and I spent a year taking salsa dance lessons. My favorite animal is a caracal – a trainable cat (Yes, it exists. Google it). If that made you smile a little, then maybe we’re on the same page ;)

So what am I looking for in a woman? I’m looking for someone who has passion and interests of her own. Someone who takes care of herself physically. A woman who is elegant, playful, kind, and loyal. A woman who will let me be in charge, at least some of the time. Someone who will let me take care of her. We can go out with or just spending a quiet night in, cooking a nice dinner and watching a movie together. We can go on horseback rides on beaches and vacations in the South Pacific. Most importantly I’m looking for someone who wants to build a future together. Family and friends are the most important priorities in my life and although I have no kids, I would someday like them.

Ask me if you want to know more-- I always respond to messages if you’ve taken the courage to write.


James Michner, Ken Follett


Princess Bride



health conscious
gourmet foodie
home cooking
hot and spicy


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