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My passion in life is learning everything I can, and passing on what I can to others in acts of kindness, gifts of time and compassion. I like spending time with others who are of like mind - wanting to make a difference in the world - someone who is "being the change they want to see". There is nothing more satisfying than working together to help others.

Intensely curious about lots of things, I "follow my nose" to lead me to the next adventure in life. My favourite activities are discovering, learning and teaching. I love learning about myself, the world around me, other people. History, future postulations, and wondering "why." Or even "why not?" - that's even more fun!

I've been employed in IT for over 20 years (still am), and now lecture at symposiums and professional organizations. As a hobby, I study world music (percussion) with many teachers from exotic places such as Sudan, Guinea, Iran, and the Middle East. I'm a part time working musician, and music teacher.

I see that many here are agnostics, or atheists -- I like to consider "Intelligent Design" but there's no cateogry for that. I love to consider the dance of science with spirituality, and fascinate for hours over disocvering patterns in the world, the universe, and everything in it. "42". It's a popular activity, but perhaps an unpopular position.

I've been to the Monroe Institute many times in the 90's, and poked at "fringe stuff" for years, had some fascinating adventures. If I get to know you well enough, I'll share them.

Here's a summary of my favourite lecture which I attended with the Dali Lama in October 2007.

“The Art of Happiness”

Firstly, this is the first time he addresses Canada, as a Canadian Citizen. (roaring cheers)

Happiness comes from peacefulness – which is related to affection.
Children who receive a mother’s affection, are more peaceful happy and balanced than those with no affection.
Children who do not receive affection, grow up with difficulties in all areas of their lives.
Lack of affection, can be related to separation from the source of affection.
Lots of affection, creates peacefulness.
Lots of affection, creates and promotes warm-heartedness.
Lots of affection, creates welcoming.
Therefore, give much affection, to your children. They are the future.

All humans rely on each other for survival in some way, particularly in a global village, global economy, global ecology.
We must think of “we”, not us and them. If we are peaceful, we are welcoming because there is affection – there is no more division between “us”, and “them.”
There is true community, with everyone interested in meeting each others needs to keep that whole community alive. Wholeness of community, which includes everyone in the globe.

If this is true, then the concept of war, is outdated.
Peacefulness comes from inside.
Inner Peace, comes from inside.
World Peace, will come from Inner Peace.
If you have Inner Peace, it will naturally flow to the outside of you.
If everyone has Inner Peace, it will flow to everyone else, mix with everyone else.
Therefore, the concept of war is outdated.
The concept of Dialogue, to understand differences in needs, must be learned and promoted.

The concept of dialogue must be promoted with children, early, and in the schools.
Education on relationships, and how to resolve differences through dialogue, must be taught.

If the concept of war is outdated, then so is the concept of weapons.
To continue pouring billions of dollars into the creation of weapons, when governments agree they should not be used, does not make sense.
The pouring of this money into education regarding the concept of Dialogue, and the resolution of differences, makes sense.
Pouring of this money into health care, and meeting the differing needs of the people, makes sense.

India is an excellent example of religious tolerance.
Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, all live together with respect and open welcoming and recognition for each other, and interest in each other’s participation in a community setting. We must do what we can, to adopt India's mind set of religious inclusion.

W are all community, and if we are a healthy community, we are all interested in making sure everyone’s needs are met – not in repressing each other.

Secularism is defined as respect for all religions, not a rejection of one religion or another. There are two main groups of religions – theistic, which includes gods (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism) and non-theistic, which is interested in causal analysis, cause and effect (like Buddhism). Explore your own traditional faith first, and understand it truly before switching to something else. All religions, lead to the same place, and are based on the same values and principles at their core. It’s important to understand that all religions are based on love, and truth, and expression of that love – when we run into difficulties, the Humanness takes over, and we forget this, and become aggressive, which is not what our religions teach.

And of course the atheists, who have it easier than anyone!

Respect for all peoples and their belief system, is true secularism.

The concept of war is outdated.
World Peace will come from Inner Peace.
Inner Peace comes from active and genuine affection for one another.
Genuine affection makes warm-heartedness, which brings down barriers between individuals, communities and countries.
This makes weapons unnecessary, and a waste of money.
Use that money to better human kind with education and health care, instead of reinforcing the barriers.
Think as a global community, not in groups.
Respect for all people, at all times, is the key.
Above all – the source is open, genuine affection.

That is what I learned, from his Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, on Oct 31, 2007.
60 years old
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Conscious conversation anyone?
I'm a full time technologist / methodologist, and a part-time musician. Ideally, you've got one foot in the arts, and the other somewhere else. Arts and science / tech is a super-interesting combination - "whole brain thinking" is fun to explore.


Dali Lama - "Art of Happiness"
Julian Jaynes ' "Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bi-cameral Mind"
Robert Sawyer - "Calculating God", "Terminal Experiment"
Gary Zukov - "Dancing Wu Li MAsters" (New physics)
Isaac Asimov - "Prelude to Foundation"
Frank Herbert - Dune
Rupert Sheldrake - unified field theory
Phillip Carr-Gomm - Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids
John Irving - Water Method Man, Garp, Cider House Rules, Prayer for Owen Meany
Stuart McLean - humour
Russell Targ - Remote Viewing
Bob Monroe - Consciousness adventures


If you could look eternally forward in space, and eternally backwards in time, what would you see?


Talking! Sharing interests. Looking for interesting rocks on the beach. Animals. Music. Food!!! I became fascinated with world foods, and love cooking with others.


Chinese Checkers
Intuition games


Favourite Radio - CBC Radio 1 - "The Current", "Vinyly Cafe", "Ideas", "Quirks and Quarks", "Despatches", "Out Front", "As it Happens" -- Older shows i loved were: "Basic Black", "Dead Dog Cafe" ...
Blade Runner
some David Lynch
Domenick and Eugene
The Usual Suspects
Fight Club
Joddha Akbaar
old black and whites
Music: World music -- African, Afro-Cuban, Middle Eastern ...



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