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47 years old
from 26 to 44

5'9" (175cm)


About average


College Business Educator






PhD/Post doctorate


Business Administration








United States


Seeking Smart Southerner
First and foremost, I am a dad and I love my children; if you do not like kids, please do not respond. I am a Christian and am serious about my faith but I am far from perfect. I feel that NOBODY, except people with the last name "Claus" or "Kringle" should ever wear Santa hats. I am fluent in sarcasm and movie quote (I love movies); I love Walmart...for the self-esteem boosts that trips there provide! Seriously, that place should have observation decks!! Oh yeah, clowns freak me out...just had to throw that out there. Also, unlike many others, I HAVE messed with Texas...wasn't impressed either. Oh yeah, I have NEVER had a mullet or a pair of denim shorts (bonus for me right??)!!
I am a college educator (I teach Business Administration, Management, Leadership, Human Resources Management, Accounting, etc. as well as Composition and Criminal Justice, and yes, it IS as exciting as it sounds...insert eye roll here...and I only teach because there's no market for boy bands anymore) who loves spending time with my kids, cooking, hunting, fishing, camping, MMA/UFC, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boston Red Sox baseball, New England Patriots football, Boston Bruins hockey, Boston Celtics basketball, and Florida Gators football. I am an army veteran and former police officer and I am very patriotic and proud of my services and sacrifices; I love any type of music but prefer country all of the time and rock (Metal, NOT top 40 & NOT Nickelback! Even God hates Nickelback!), when I am running or working out, and yes, I love my 80s music. I am a fairly quiet person and if I cannot be outside hunting or fishing, I love going to movies, going to the beach or the mountains, or just hanging out at home watching a movie and eating pizza. Basically, I am pretty easy going and low-maintenance; I do own suits, button-ups and ties but I WILL NOT wear them as they are just not me, so, if you were to ever see me in one, there's a good chance somebody has died; I am pretty much always in jeans, boots, ball caps, or my gym clothes. I am seeking somebody similar to me who is not afraid of a little dirt, or the outdoors but who can also "clean up" and look good...preferably, a Southern/country girl (NOT a redneck or white trash...there IS a HUGE difference) because they tend to not take offense when I open doors for them, pull out chairs for them, stand when they enter a room, or call them "ma'am" simply out of respect. Finally, I TRY to take care of myself physically, although I am, by no means, a fitness model and I am a self-admitted pizza (thin crust veggie, light on the cheese!) addict but I do try to exercise regularly and would like somebody to workout or run with me...somebody to motivate me to workout, no matter how bad my bum knee is killing me. Oh, I forgot to mention, that I look for, and most often find, humor in everything and can be pretty sarcastic with my sense of humor (yes, I HAVE laughed at funerals), so somebody with great sense of humor would be nice to find. HOLIDAY SWEATER & "MOM JEANS" WEARERS NEED NOT APPLY. I also DO NOT do drama, nor do I deal with "high maintenance" or immaturity, of any kind and I AM NOT looking for a hook-up or "friends with benefits". Also, I want to meet somebody who has some modicum of self-respect; I mean, if you cannot respect yourself, how can you respect others? Non-smokers only please (the only time one should smoke is when they are on fire); NO DEMOCRATS please. THANKS. Oh, if she looks great in camo, that's a HUGE bonus!
*Ladies, if you are just here for a "sugar daddy", I MAY be your man because I have THE ULTIMATE career path/plan to make tons of riches! "How will he do this?" you may ask. Well, I am going to make my fortune playing "scratchers" from the Georgia Lottery! So stick with me and we'll go places!*
**Please don't let the "does not drink" description of me fool you. I am NOT opposed to drinking; I really tore up my knee awhile back and cannot hardly do any cardio because of it so I cut A LOT out of my diet to compensate for the lack of cardio.**
***If one or more of your profile pics here is a mugshot, please keep searching elsewhere. I mean, don't get me wrong, some women look fantastic in orange or black & white stripes but I'm just not that into it. Nothing personal. :-)***
*I do not eat sushi. I don't see the appeal. It looks like fish bait; I don't eat fish bait.*
**If you have ever been the subject of or actually appeared on "Jerry Springer" or "Maury", please continue your search elsewhere. Similarly, if your current or former job required the usage of a chrome/stainless steel pole and you hanging/dancing from and/or on said pole, keep searching.**
***PLEASE, know the difference between to, too, and two; your and you're; it's and its; right, rite, write, and Wright; then and than; tin and ten; sale and sell; loose and lose.***


Any music is great, EXCEPT Nickelback!



health conscious


dogs and horses






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