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Looks like I've already put in a lot about my interests in my intro (can you tell I'm new at this?). As mentioned, I enjoy the arts, as well as travel, adventure, foreign languages and cultures, fine dining and wine, reading, writing and publishing, and business. I am currently training for a marathon as a way to grow both physically and mentally.
43 years old
from 34 to 51

5'5" (165cm)


About average


Entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach


Do not want children




Masters degree


International Business


Does it matter?








United States
Phoenix, AZ


One Life, Many Passions
Hi! I am new to the online dating world, but was excited to find a niche site for people like me, who enjoy intellectual pursuits. I am very creative, and enjoy expressing my passions through various arenas, from art and writing to cooking, dancing, and various entrepreneurial endeavors. I enjoy travel and adventure, reading as well as publishing, fine dining and wine, metaphysics, and the arts. I am currently training for my first-time marathon, which is keeping me "on my toes!" (Groan...oh yes, I also love puns and corny humor...)

I am looking to meet my match in life, to share adventures, challenges, passions and intellectual stimulation. Ideally, you are a man of high intellect but NEVER arrogant, cocky or domineering. You have a kind heart and good character, you are adventurous but loyal, and you have a kooky sense of humor (like me!).

I have already listed this but it bears repeating -- I am childfree by choice and prefer a partner with the same mindset (not just someone who has kids and does not want more). Thank you. I look forward to meeting you!


Joe Vitale, Sara Payne, Glenn Dietzel, Seth Godin, Don Miguel Ruiz, Mark Victor Hansen, Umberto Ecco


What legacy do you hope to leave in this lifetime?


An arts event (play, concert, museum) and a nice meal out together.


I am on a trivia team, which is fun!


I have an eclectic taste when it comes to music, but some key favorites include (certain) pop hits, baroque & chamber music (prefer fast, minor keys), and a variety of dance music (techno, Eurodance, dream trance).


I have won two international wine distinctions that took me to Paris and Australia; I am the author of three books; successful entrerpreneur and professional speaker.


I am a member of 5 professional associations, spanning professional speaking, coaching, publishing, wine, and meetings/events industry.


I read a LOT! I will have to see how to embed the code from Amazon as this site is prompting me to do, but ask me about any of the books I read. I enjoy mostly non-fiction, on topics including business, marketing, entrepreneurship, multi-culturalism, and also spiritual and metaphysical books. I like fiction, but often don't have the time to indulge there as much.


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Performing Arts
Visual Arts
gourmet foodie
heavy duty carnivore
steak and potatoes
sushi, sushi, sushi
wide international palate


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