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I'm a writer and entertainer in my free time. I work at both a library and a museum, as well as for myself and for GG4G, an organization dedicated to advancing and promoting the homosexual group scene. My poetry has won a few awards and has been published in a few books and magazines.
49 years old
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6'0" ( 183cm)


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Communications/Political Science


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United States
Indianapolis, Indiana




Last of the extremely incurable hopeless homosexual romantics!
I've had the misfortune of losing three husbands in my life. And I'm not sure there is a fourth one out there for me. I'm a bit of a workaholic, but I do try to play just as hard. I'm a bit of a neat freak, love animals and don't mind children over three. And despite my job, I truly am one of the most romantic, sensual, passionate gay guys you will ever meet. And I've got to say, I'm looking for the same!


I write some of the weirdest stuff...poetry, blogs and work related, so I will say myself! lol There is also a gay erotic story writer, Ted Watson, I'm a big fan of. Along the more traditional path, Maya Angelou, Dickens, Shakespeare and Jack Landon.


Why am I such a victim of the Clark Kent syndrome? You know, where a guy comes across as an awkwardly or strangely attractive nerd, but then, he does a few little things...loosens the collar of his shirt, maybe open a button or two, talks a little less and smiles a little more, and takes off his glasses and WOW! He suddenly looks like a steak dinner to a homeless man! Am I alone here? lol


I can learn a lot about a guy when he is on my massage table, so I would make our first date a massage session with me. Sip a little wine, explore my music collection and talk as I rub him the right way. I'll also discover how reserved he is, how romantic he is, and how easy he is to talk to, and to speak his mind. Maybe dinner, dessert, more wine or a night out afterward.


I live for trivia and brain games. The Weakest Link. Millionaire, Fifth Grader and Jeopardy are regulars on the tube. Trivia Pursuit is also big with me. And although I moved away ten years ago, I'm still number eight at a bar in KCMO playing a national trivia game called Buzztime! I'm also pretty good at board and card games, especially poker, strip and otherwise! lol


I'm an avid fan of gay themed, non-porn movies and superhero flicks. Musically, I love great voices, nice harmonies, good melodies and powerful lyrics. Really into love songs and ballads! Love old school, house and dance music. Not into much of the music of today. Some of my favorites are Luther Vandross, Tina Turner, Patti LaBelle, Sir Ari Gold and the late, great George Michael!


I published my first book of poetry at five, and have been published in a few anthologies since then. I am the "Mayor of the Corner" at a certain intersection in Indianapolis. That's probably what I am the most proud of. State Champion debater and speaker, National Spelling Bee Champion, Optimist Club Award Winner and the list goes on and I'm still not done yet!!! lol


I have slowly changed the face of what a gay black male looks like in my area. Not only that, but I feel like I represent the non-typical gay male...the ones who's life is not all about drugs and sex and men, and who values people and have morals and standards. My next challenge is to become a next gay superstar. I'm not oppose to doing drag or porn from time to time, but I really want it to be based off of me just being me!



Performing Arts
Visual Arts
fast and easy American fare
fruits and nuts
gourmet foodie
heavy duty carnivore
home cooking
hot and spicy
social eating (group food)
steak and potatoes
wide international palate


loves most possums!


No Car





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