Jubilant: Legacy of Faith and Joy

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I'm a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in my area, am learning how to sew, getting more proficient at gardening (taking Master Gardener classes), enjoying cats, and I like to read. I'm learning how to make a braided circular rug, and am fascinated with Cryptozoology and Food Anthropology. I get REALLY excited about camping and/or hiking opportunities, have a humorous "glass half full" attitude, and am striving to be as effective in my daily life as the woman spoken of in Proverbs 31.
46 years old
from 27 to 44

5'7" (170cm)


Big and lovely


Ministry Worker with Homeless Women


Would like to have children




Some college








United States


Legacy of Faith and Joy
I'm a born-again follower of Christ. I work with homeless women and assist them in getting back on their feet. I'm a diabetic, gluten-intolerant, vegetarian gal that is relearning the joys of cooking and baking. :*) I also have helped to design and grow foody gardens at work and at home and have learned a lot along the way. I would like to meet a fellow Christian man (not married/divorced, a widower is fine) who enjoys the outdoors, has a sense of humor, is loving to all those around him, and who would enjoy doing ministry work together.


I enjoy reading Henry M. Morris, Ken Ham, Charles Stanley, Bob Davies, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, whatever the editors at Storey Publications put out, as well as what is written by the staff at Bountiful Gardens. Also Dr. Gary Parker, Dr. J.P. Moreland, Neil T. Anderson, Jay E. Adams, Dr. Jenny Brand-Miller, Dave Ramsey, Roger Patterson, Larry Burkett (I like his fiction books), Carol Simontacchi ... and several others! :*)


What purpose/vision has The Creator given you?

What are the ways you are fulfilling The Lord's calling?


Outdoors and simplicity is the key for me :*)
Walking and talking in a comfortably public area, including a picnic lunch.
Or, since I work weekends ... a picnic breakfast would be a nice start to the day ...


Wheel & Deal, Monopoly, Electronic Catch Phrase, Pit, Spoons, Risk, Jousting, Yahtzee, Cosmic Whimpout, Farkle, Take 4, general card games ...


FAVORITE MOVIES: The Moment After, & The Moment After 2: The Awakening, Expelled!, Tremors (1-4), Volcano, Pursuit of Happyness, Supersize Me, I Am Legend, 12 Angry Men, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera, The Villiage, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (both), A Christian's Carol ...
FAVORITE TELEVISION ... Good Eats, Survivorman, The Alaska Experiment, Doctor Who, Ground Force, The Good Life, Gardening by the Yard, Dirty Jobs, Gourd TV, This Old House, The New Yankee Woodshop, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ...
FAVORITE MUSIC: Newsboys, The W's, Rich Mullins, Randy Travis, Carman (singer, not opera), Ray Stevens, "Weird Al" Yankovic, R. Carlos Nakai, Nawang Ketchog, Casting Crowns, Dennis Day, Article One, New World Son, Stomp, Tap Dogs, Manheim Steamroller, Apologetix, Classical ...



Performing Arts
Visual Arts
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