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I have lots of varied interests but here's some basics. Creative writing such as short stories and light verse. I used to publish a poetry magazine. I love to cook vegan food although I'm not vegetarian. I like indoor and outdoor pastimes, outdoor examples volleyball & orienteering, indoor examples board games & card games (such as Scrabble & Apples to Apples) .
52 years old
from 30 to 55

United States
Stony Brook, NY


Poet seeks Muse
Creative GWM seeks similar, I'm currently working for a friend in a home based business, but I'd like to go back to college and get a more marketable degree than the two I have already. In my spare time, I'm a public speaker on sex and gender issues and I have just started getting paid for those lectures. I'm a politically progressive freethinker and a great cook.


Edwin Black, Greg Egan, Arthur Evans, Bruce Bagemihl, Poe, Robert Anton Wilson, Ambrose Bierce, Kate Bornstein, Mary Daly, Suzanne Pharr, Joan Roughgarden, etc..





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