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Insatiable thirst for knowledge, perpetually inquisitive, always teaching myself something, and always working out in some form or fashion. LOVE the outdoors, especially the mountains, weights, martial arts, cycling, mountaineering/climbing/long hikes, traveling, scuba/snorkeling, math, science, history, foreign languages, cooking, piano, guitar, movies/videos, learning almost anything, star gazing, astronomy, computer programming, board games...I have so many things I love to stay active with...Pick a subject...I'm probably in to it or I'll bet you can get me hooked on something new.
57 years old
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from 40 to 56

5'10" (178cm)




Bachelors degree


Electronic Engineering






United States
Kellogg, Idaho




Naturally turbo-charged mind AND hyper-energized body...
I'm really hoping to meet a special woman here, that uses her brain alot (outside of work) and likes to try to stay reasonably active...It would be so nice to find a woman like i just mentioned who was very affectionate, playful, had a sense of romance and adventure (maybe at the same time!)...a great sense of humor would really compliment the woman I thinking of...if you think you're anything like that, drop me a line of at least find a way for me to notice you...

While I'm thinking about it...yes ladies, I do read all your profiles that I browse through. If I didn't, I might as well be on another dating site.

I'm relatively new to the Inland Northwest having moved from a large metro area in the East. I left the big city, just over two years ago, and moved West to the mountains...which I do so love!

I know what my age is supposed to be but, I have always had so much energy and usually lots to spare...I'm always up to something physical and always, always, always have my brain engaged in doing something stimulating...I genuinely feel like I'm 22 years old and still have that zeal, passion, and excitement for sooooo many things in life....I'd like to find a woman that would be the center of all that passion for me...

Love to stay in shape (weights, martial arts, cycling, mountaineering/climbing/hiking, and much more) but also have an INSATIABLE curiousity about almost anything. Among a huge list of things, math, science, and history. You know, a healthy mind and healthy body motis operandi and all that sort of thing. Also, I'm not usually in the middle ground about interests...I'm very passionate about them all. I'm hoping that you have a lot of interests and passions that we can share togethe.

It's been my experience with past relationships that I have to leave my "pursuits of the mind" separate from the relationship. It seems that many women want an intelligent or smart guy for simply "trophy traits" (as I like to refer to them) rather than interact with those traits. So, my question is, why can't we both share in the pursuits of the mind as *part* of the relationship?

I hope to find a special someone that is interested in a close, romantic, mutually nurturing relationship, that is fun, adventurous, fulfilling and an integral sharing *our* pursuits of the mind too.


I don't read much fiction, so most authors are in my textbooks...I read ALOT though...


Does the fact that I'm a INFJ personality type have any meaning to you? It would be so nice to meet up with another one percenter! (not required, however...)

What do you REALLY want in a relationship? Meaning, how specifically, would you relate to your mate and how would you like them to relate to you, day to day and long term?


Keeping things simple and easy initially would be great. A place where conversation can flow without interruption. Somewhere that we can both enjoy, where we can focus on each other, low stress and reasonably quiet. If things go well, then we can extend the date for as long as we like, especially if we find that we have good chemistry...hand holding and a nice stroll would be nice too.


Board games, wargames (way beyond Risk), Othello/Reversi, Blokus, Scrabble, upwords, Boggle, Mastermind, Pente, GO, chess, Ingenius, etc.. I like just about any game that has a lot of strategy and thinking involved.


Just about any period of rock, alternative rock, some metal, pop, reiki, classical, classical country, some jazz (Ryan Fabish), some R&B, etc. There aren't too many genres of music that I don't like.

It's tough to say which movies I like the best...too many to decide between. A few examples that come to mind are, "What Dreams May Come" and "Avatar"...not so much for the overt messages about saving the environment, but the way the Navi (sp?) interacted with each other and the environment. The colors, creativity, and imagination to bring Pandora and the Navii to "life" in the movie was simply fantastic!

I like the comedies and the movies that make you think or aren't as typical with the plots. I do enjoy some of the proverbial "chick flicks" too. I like independent films a lot and films of just about any genre.


US military (USMC and Army), later, working in the trades, technical and engineering employment, published and professional artist (sounds bigger than it really was...). Graduated from college three times and am considering futher degrees at this point in my life. So much more to list...

Honestly, I'd rather let you ask me about things like this rather than me posting them here. It would be so much more interesting that way. Besides, I'd rather hear about your achievements anyway.


Alpha Beta Kappa, Lifetime Member High IQ Society, (FWIW, years ago, I did the Mensa testing and managed a "passing" score, but didn't elect to become a member.).

I've got more but, refer to my last paragraph the "Achievements" category. ;-)


I've really been on a genetic algorithms, biological systems, cellular automata, complexity, and swarm intelligence craze lately. Graph thoery & combinatorics are also beginning to pique my interest. Even "game theory" (a la John Nash) is pretty interesting. Lots to read on many, many different subjects but, not any one author of "mainstream" fame. Does Brian Greene or Stephen Hawking count? Yeah, I know, kinda "geeky" but, I had hoped that I might be in good company here. ;-) The *vast* majority of what I read is non-fiction. I don't just read these topics...I try to interact or experience many of them. I have a *huge* reading list...maybe something for future discussions...


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Visual Arts
fast and easy American fare
health conscious
gourmet foodie
heavy duty carnivore
home cooking
hot and spicy
ramen noodles and black coffee
social eating (group food)
steak and potatoes
wide international palate


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