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I like to draw, play the piano, read, converse with friends and dance in the rain (well, at least , splash through a few puddles!).
60 years old
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from 40 to 62

5'6" (167cm)


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Right and Left Brained in Unity
Hello. I'm hoping to find others who are very intelligent and open minded, value honesty and like to share conversation. I'm a very optimistic and kind person as well as creative, open-minded and open-hearted. Are you a person who has these same qualities?


A spark and a conversation so immersive you don't want to leave each other's company.


Scrabble, Scribblish, Claim to Fame, Scrutineyes, Skip-Bo and many more


There are many on these lists but the first to come to mind are...

Movies: Anything I find quirky, funny, sweet or that rocks my world but here goes...Princess Bride, Moulin Rouge (I LOVE musicals and movies with a lot of dance), Harold and Maude, Groundhog Day, Cold Mountain

Music: Paula Cole, Beth Hart, Tina Dico, Dan Fogelberg, Harry Chapin, One Eskimo, Joan Osborne, Melissa Etheridge and many more.


A lot of people think that having multiple degrees is noteworthy and an achievement (in my case, it's two bachelor's degrees and two master's degrees). I think it is noteworthy that I could stay awake long enough in my classes to learn something. I am not a good listener when I'm stuck in a chair and have to listen. Thank goodness for drawing and doing homework and reading and passing notes!

The achievements that I am personally most proud of are the successful efforts that kept (and keep) my children from getting burned (traumatized, hurt, however you want to put it) during and after divorce. I am also proud that I was able to help them get an education appropriate to their abilities and interests.


It will sound trite but the only way I can change the world is one person at a time whether it be with a smile, a demonstration of kindness or, appropriate to my job, teaching a student to think, reason and be more confident. I care less that my students will "ace" my class than I do that they will learn valuable skills about how to learn and approach things they might consider difficult. Logic and optimism are useful too!


I miss the encyclopedia and skipping from topic to topic. I do still do that with a dictionary whenever I look up a word. I do love the book "The Pinball Effect" by James Burke (the author of Connections) which has that same wonderful feel of being able to jump between topics that are interconnected. For lighter reading, I will have to type in the list later...


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Performing Arts
Visual Arts
Love dogs and like cats. I'm allergic to both but have a dog.





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