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I'm passionate about catalyzing change through systemic (nature inspired) interventions. I have a great capacity for awe and a hyperactive and silly inner child. I enjoy solving complex challenges in my work life so I don't really feel that personal matters should be all that complicated. At this point you could very well avoid reading this text and just go straight to the video below.
I enjoy: neurosciences, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, mindfulness, tech-intensive solutions, witty humour, ideas and ideators, passionate doers, intense natural surroundings, 30's and 50's music, white water rafting..and really want to learn to sail.

I'm all about innovation, energy and drive; but also about kindness, compassion, values and purpose.

I'd like to find a partner to explore the world with, to create something bigger than life itself (that's why I am crazy about the controlability of complex dynamic networks/ecosystems); or just to enjoy the small, yet wonderful, daily gestures and events.

I value strength and decisiveness combined with kindness and humor. I'd also like to expand my circle of friends, now that I've dared to pay more attention to my personal life, I'll try to make the most out of it!

I enjoy art in all its forms and enjoy the simplest and most mundane things (many times I'm infoxicated and need detox) and I can find myself focusing in some byzantine explorations and activities.
39 years old
Interests Share
never married
from 33 to 47

5'5" (165cm)


About average


Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer


Would like to have children




Masters degree


Business, Marketing, Advertising, Communications and a myriad of other disciplines


Does it matter?






Harvard, Northeastern, ITESM and American University




BC, Vancouver




ENTJ; Digital Argonaut and catalytic innovator. Merciless strategist with a soft spot and a witty sense of humor.
A mission-driven leader who corrals resources that are outside my traditional span of control to address sprawling challenges, forming networks or coalition. Motivated by the desire to solve big -often global – problems through an undivided mind and the use of technology.


Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"
Antoine de Saint Exupery "The Little Prince"
Cortázar, Byron, T.S. Elliot, Pablo Neruda
Walt Whitman (favorite poem: Song of the open road)
Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Aldous Huxley, Gioconda Belli
William Blake, Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, Richard Feynman, Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Thomas Kuhn, Alan Lightman, Carl Sagan, George Orwell, Milan Kundera, Mario Bennedetti, Robert Frost, "Las Enseñanzas de Don Juan" by Carlos Castañeda, Chomsky, Ernesto Cardenal, etc. All you can think of on the relationship between technology, neuroscience, anthropology, sociology and psychology. Read some things here and there about theoretical physics, cultural dimensions, techno philosophy and Dr. Seuss!!!!


Why are you on earth for and what are you willing to do for it?
When confronted with an intense irrational burst of brain chemistry, will you panic or will you be brave and cope with it?
What is your take on loyalty?


Something casual and that doesn't really feel like a date (I tend to get nervous). If it involves a lush forest, the planets, the sky or flowing water; even better.


hehehe... *¨* <-----blushing.
And aside from that, I like Trivial Pursuit.
I'm a strategist and have a "Listening and Command Center" I'm not really into videogames because I tend to have to deal with real life "games", crisis, world conflict and interventions.


Opera, classical, jazz, launge, blues, big band, bossa nova, nouvelle vague, indie rock, etc, etc, etc


1. At ease with myself and happy :)
2. Survived being lied to by the person I most wanted to trust in the whole world. Also the DotCom crisis and a couple of revolutions.
3. Planted an amazing garden.

I've won a few innovation awards, have been invited to speak at TEDx and TED Active, a "Women in Tech History" award, and at age 6 I won a dance competition without knowing I had no idea of dancing.

I need to master: sailing, the perfect turkey and a decent rice-based dish.


I have an AGILE plan to change the world, very iterative. It's going in the right direction.

I am also hacking "Design Thinking for Teachers".


Women 2.0
Open Innovation Europe
Social Action Through Music Foundation



Performing Arts
Visual Arts
health conscious
gourmet foodie
home cooking
hot and spicy
sushi, sushi, sushi
wide international palate




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