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Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Creativity, Coffee, Music, Truth, Spirituality, Movies, Nature, Learning, Camping, Writing, Life, Traveling
Hobbies: Watching movies, shooting pool, creative writing, video game design, computer programming, music composition, observing people doing the crazy things they do
Achivements: A bunch of plastic trophies that have long been tossed into the trash.
35 years old
from 22 to 42

5'4" (163cm)




Computer Programmer


Would like to have children




College degree


Computer Programming - A.I.








UW-Oshkosh, FVTC


United States
Appleton, WI


Veritas vos liberabit
I am the 'mad scientist,' the thinker of thoughts and dreamer of dreams. I drift through this so-called-life, the great search never ending for truth, love and the meaning of it all. I observe and learn; I contemplate and learn; I cling to my hope of that 'great tomorrow' and forever toil on. I take my risks and drink deep of my experiences... I do not believe in mistakes or coincidences. I feel. I sympathize and empathize and never judge the actions of others... everything is understandable. Life is an art and I see it as such, never letting go of my curiosity.

Now that you've read this far... here's a more 'down to earth' description of me:

I have always been very mature and intelligent for my age. I started life early and got most things out of the way before I turned eighteen. I tried everything I could, and that wouldn't kill me (some came close), so I'm not breaking through my early twenties with the mentality that I have to party all the time. I'm very laid-back and like to just relax with some good conversation. I've lived the 'fast life' and don't much care for it anymore, but I still like to get out and do things from time to time. I'm seriously sick of immature people. I don't bullshit, lie or cheat and I don't waste the time of others nor like my own time wasted. I can be brutally honest, if the situation calls for it, but I always try to be polite and kind to people. I don't stand for people getting in the way of what I wish to do with my life... however, I'm always willing to comprimise for someone special. I am a hopeless romantic and yes I get teary-eyed watching movies that are emotionally intense. I am true to my feelings and when I fall for someone I fall hard. True love really does last forever, so if you can't understand or accept that a person will always be loving those that came before you then please don't message me. I am as loyal as they come and do not anger easily. I am patient, understanding and above all an intellectual... I will always be thinking things through and searching for a better understanding of everything around me. I am always full of ideas (hence the 'mad scientist' thing) and love helping people, but I am also very quick to notice if I am being taken advantage of. I drink very rarely... usually just on special occasions (or when I go to Olive Garden... mmmmm Frozen Tiramisu!). I believe communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, so if you want to know more... then by all means talk to me!

[edit] Never again will I have a date at a bar :P


What are you passionate about in life?
What are you surviving for?
Why are humans always trying to control nature?
Why is something true only in the moment it is declared true?
What is Possible World Symantics really about?
What if humanity as a whole is a singular 4-D organism?
Why are there so many drug commercials on TV now?
Why do you think I stopped watching TV ten years ago?


For a first date I would take us out for coffee (or ice cream, for someone who does not drink coffee) and good conversation, since I think communication is the foundation of any relationship. At some point I would suggest going for a walk to a nearby park (if there is one) and kicking back there for a while... I like being outdoors and call it silly, but I like going on the swings. After that I would take us out to dinner and invite going back to yours or my place to cuddle in front of a good movie.


Roleplaying games in general... or really anything with a good story line that isn't repetitive. I love board games. I also enjoy any video game that allows me to be creative in some way.


I love any movie that can stir my soul, make me think or make me go "Wow..."
I mostly listen to alternative rock, accoustic, instrumental, metal, industrial, goth and techno.



No Car
Public Transportation


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