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design, art, dance, movement, museums, travel, poetry, mentoring, documentary film
65 years old
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from 57 to 66

5'0" (152cm)




Dimensional muti-medium artist






Masters degree


Movement theater


Does it matter?






Occidental college /Northwestern University


United States
New York


Transforming with Heart
I am interested in men who live close to, or in Manhattan, I would love to begin a sharing relationship with someone who understands the meaning of partnering and nurturing; I'll have your back and you will have mine. I'm an open and receptive revisionist... So take my hand and we'll share new things!

Gone solo in Manhattan to explore new interests. I worked as a writer/actor, a career that I was very dedicated to for 35 years. Still have that flair for comedy! I am currently more fulfilled by designing wearable art. Getting my opinions off the walls and into the public eye validates me. I enjoy the uncompromising opportunity of my artistic independence.

I love treasure, magic, being a life-long learner and the great relationships that I now have with my adult children. I am a storyteller and have a big personality. Still love a lot of the "70s" culture and music. In addition, at one time, I sang everything from Verdi to Sondheim and recently began paying more attention to blues. I have also kept up a lifetime interest in movement theater and jazz dance having studied as a young woman in Paris.

As a mentor, I have worked with volunteers in several autistic recovery programs. and have friends from 8-96. My life changed 20 years ago when I chose to adopt a multiple handicapped orphan from Kirov and my journey has been greatly influenced by the process of giving him a future. I always have something to teach and something to learn. I appreciate the journey so much more than the result! CURIOSITY!

I am currently designing wearable accessory workshops for a major art museum in NYC. and an art therapy project for cancer patients who want to find self-healing/ recovery methods outside the medical and psychiatric communities.I am also the director of a design guild in Chelsea.

Recently, I had a show at a museum in Umbria, Italy, went to the opening and ended up spending the day with the ambassador from Zimbabwe.... I was the only American who was juried in. I followed this with a nice win at FIT for their 25 year celebration of woven fiber and beaded jewelry. You might see my embroidery work at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Feel free to ask for a peek of my pieces!

I have been using my newly acquired skills as a metal craftsman.
( Working at SVA and hope to conquer my fears of high level soldering ) and I want to meet other community oriented people who love to focus on hand crafted projects. It's also time to expand my social circle. Always working towards having more energy, as well as creating a better diet. I am trying to use the city more fully now that I can work with a flexible schedule.

You might like to contact me if: What I wrote does not sound like a foreign language. You actually like what I wrote and think you are the bread for my sandwich. People always say you are unique. You are an artist in your approach to all your work. You are concerned with bringing beauty to the world. Whenever people say it can't be done, you're the guy who does it anyway. You have changed peoples' lives and they've said so. You can sit on the floor w/o a chair and get up fluidly. You are seriously funny, even silly, really truthful and always found it was better to meet people through hanging out because dating gives you allergies. You look pretty much the same as you did when you were thirty except excuses because it was your choice. You like women who are rather childlike regardless of having gone through hoops of fire. You don't mind that I still have a crush on Kevin Bacon, Nick Cage and Christian Slater....oddly enough Jeff Bridges, too. I am hopelessly into quirky and romantic personalities who are bolstered by substantial ideals and goals. If you have experienced a relationship of mutual respect, trust and support but wish to additionally feel a passionate connection..I'm just down the road

It would also be lovely to share family and friends and have an interesting and mutually supportive future.


Chaucer, Shakepeare, Moliere, Seamus Heaney, Dylan Thomas, Yeats


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The Piano, Good Will Hunting, Schindler's List, Pulp Fiction

Blues , Jazz, Rock, Sondheim, Gershwin, Verdi


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Performing Arts
Visual Arts
health conscious
home cooking
hot and spicy
wide international palate


No Car
Renewable Energy
Public Transportation
Fair Trade







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