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Science and most of it's divisions, including a variety of lectures at the Science Center, dancing (ballroom, swing, square and round dancing), music (classical to jazz, swing, rock, some pop, but not rap), occasional local hikes in nice weather, pine forests and mountains, would like to get back into snow skiing, learning languages, learning and practicing musical instruments.
63 years old
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from 42 to 62

5'10" (178cm)




Bachelors degree


Health Sciences


Calif. St. Uni, Northridge


United States
Phoenix, AZ


Dance til we drop!
An active man with eclectic interests seeks to build a relationship with a healthy, intelligent, and vivacious woman. I'd like to meet a real woman, who is thoughtful, adventurous, can be quiet, and cuddly, down to earth, and yet can be outgoing, gregarious, and loves to partner dance, or who is willing to learn with me. Will you join me in some activities, have some of your own, and enjoy holding hands and getting to know each other? Let's go dancing, enjoy an ice cream with real whipped cream, not the canned stuff, or keep it healthy on a hike, and just walking the dog. I'm looking for a friend who likes local festivals, learning more about history, science, and what drives our universe, dressing up for a night out, or snuggling for a movie and popcorn at home. I enjoy music, listening, practicing lessons, and dancing, but it’s not the only aspect of life. I'm more of a beginner on my instruments but I have fun. I have a older house, a dog, and I work hard at fitness and play time to balance it out. It could be a picnic and jazz concert in the park, a campfire, a swing dance, learning ballroom steps, even a fun square dance, maybe a contra or an Irish dance. I'm not picky; I'll enjoy the kid's school events, or the Phoenix Symphony, plays at the Herberger, Arizona Opera, jazz on the radio, or blues on a weekend night. Does anyone still play their music loud once in a while? I'm down to earth and hope you are too, and the games I like to play are on a board, or with cards in our hands. My historic house needs some TLC. I'm seeking a good friend, companion, someone to share the popcorn with, but it better be a large size. Let's get to know each other and see what grows. I'm looking for a woman who says what she means and does what she says. You will have a sense of humor ala Dilbert, Peanuts, the Far Side, or Grumpy Old Men, with a tolerance for chaos and a desire for organization. You will be well read, possibly traveled, with an interest in science and history, and can hold a thoughtful conversation in many subjects. I enjoy the Phoenix Symphony (Pops usually, and enjoy classics, too), Broadway shows, the theater for drama, comedies, and musicals, and opera. Hopefully she will also have a healthy sexual appetite. Please remember enough spelling and grammar to know that a lot is two words, and know the differences between their, they're, and there, as well as then and than. Those last two are not interchangeable, despite what your high school teacher said. If I see the personal pronoun I not capitalized one more time, I will suggest that you ask for an English as a second language course for your upcoming holiday gift or next birthday. Wow, if you've made it this far, why not respond with an e-mail? There's not much worse than sending a message out that gets ignored. The message is pretty clear, I think, but maybe you are really busy and need some time to sort through all the e-mail. Thank you.


Tolkein, Dawkins, and many more.


Please describe you spirituality.


Someplace not too noisy where we can talk and spend some time together. If this is a first meeting, it could be with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. A real first date would be something we can discuss and hopefully both share in it's enjoyment.


Many board games, chess included. Watching Olympic sports.


The Lord of the Rings trilogy, 2001: A Space Odyssey, action, romance, thrillers, and musicals among others.



Performing Arts
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