besame mucho: Your pet will like me too.

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60 years old
from 50 to 70

5'4" (163cm)


About average






Bachelors degree


language, art history, education






Vancouver, BC




Your pet will like me too.
My aim in a relationship is to be...
genuine, loyal, affectionate, trustworthy and to communicate openly. It's important to be present for each other, humour each other.

I am...
industrious, detail-oriented, with a calm disposition and curious mind.

Brought up in a European household in the fantastic city of Montreal, becoming fluent in both French and English, speaking passable Hungarian which I practiced over a few summers in Budapest.
I've visited Paris several times - my uncle had a great arrangement: half the year in Montreal and the other half in Paris.
Love Southern California's dry, warm weather. It's the secret to a good-hair day! All to say that I am not permanently tied to Vancouver where I live now.

Other subjects that interest me...
photography, architecture, design, fashion. I appreciate a beautifully designed chair.
When I travel I tend to walk a lot; it helps me experience more of what a place is really like. Lots of world cities on my list to see, museums, buildings, foods... I have just scratched the surface of great beaches to visit (including naturist ones), fish to snorkel with, tropical birds and plants to admire.

At home, I'll cook, bake, do a little yoga, work on improving my swimming, read, drink wine with dinner, grow some plants, write an occasional poem or story and work on my stamp collection. I recently joined a bird photography nature hike. Some of my pictures are turning out like the snorkeling ones: empty! That was a really great bird/fish just a second ago in the branch/water.

does not have to be a specific type but is someone who is, in all ways, dependable. He makes me feel safe and secure. He wants a heartfelt connection, a healthy relationship and to share quality time doing things we like to do together. Possibly someone with adult, or no, children.

Animal companions...
Shared a family dog as a child, two cats since then, total spanning 37 years. My last cat passed about a year ago. She's been the hardest to grieve. Currently between pets, my high rise balcony has become a daily feeding spot for city songbirds.


Italo Calvino
Patricia Highsmith
Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Tonino Benacquista
Fred Vargas
Kafka's Metamorphosis
non-fiction: E=mc2 by David Bodanis


The only on-line game I do play at times is
It tests your knowledge in many subject areas, originally designed at Harvard, I believe. With every correct answer you get, they donate rice to the UN's World Food Programme. Brainiac members might like it!


No real favorites but enjoyed many French films, indie films, most films by Pedro Almodovar, Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch, Alfred Hitchcock.

Wide taste in music: classical violin, cello; Chet Baker's jazz, Led Zeppelin's rock, French rap, Spanish guitar, British ska...


Most recently, conquering my fear of water. Even the smell of chlorine from a kitchen tap would trigger the memory of a near drowning in a pool as a kid. After having spent 90% of my life out of the water, I am now in the deep end and have even gone snorkeling in the ocean!



Visual Arts
health conscious
gourmet foodie
home cooking


Cats for their gentleness and subtle sense of humour; dogs for their ability to take happiness very seriously.




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