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A utopian seeks heaven on earth, rather than working toward an afterlife or next life reward... An ethical Utopian acknowledges that life on earth is not infinite - And I am not naive enough to be planning my space travel, so earth is the boundary layer that this blog's calculus aims for.
What is a Utopian Ethic ?
Nov 5, 2010 [20:40]
A Utopian Ethic is the belief in creativity as the force that drives evolution. A belief that through creativity, we can find ways to increase abundance and standard of life without exploiting others or Degrading the earth's environment. Of course, It's easy to believe this, you may say, living in Silicon Valley. But I have lived in Thailand, South Korea, Mexico, and Canada and so I have a bit of world experience. I know that current life in silicon valley is not extensible to the rest of the world, and is not sustainable in the long run. But I believe creativity can transform what we have going to something that is sustainable.

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