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My favorite opera is Prince Igor. My favorite symphony is Rachmaninoff's second. I also like really old classic country: Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard. I love homemade guacamole, gluten-free chocolate cake (I have Celiac's), my kindle, and Momma.

I love football! Watching, that is. Also Poker, reading, ballet, opera, MoMA, Young New Yorkers of the Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall Notables, anything going on at Lincoln Center or on the classical music scene in NYC.

Some of my Goals:
*to publish a book on non-profit business development
*to remain a patron of the arts and a fixture in the community
*to run a marathon each year until I'm 70
*to make enough money to support my mother when she can no longer work
*to marry a wonderful man that I admire and bear his children
*to adopt 2 children and give them a chance for a life they wouldn't otherwise have
*to treat everyone, every day, as I would like to be treated. Period.
42 years old
Interests Share
from 30 to 45

5'7" (170cm)




Corporate Finance


Would like to have children




Masters degree


MBA in Finance, MA in International Studies


Does it matter?




Georgetown, UPenn


United States


I need a man with a big heart...
I'm loyal to a fault, overly generous, and spoil my friends rotten. I'm a Southern woman and am compelled by instinct to take care of the men in my life. I am also very energetic , passionate, and driven, methodical, organized, and active. I hold myself to high standards and expect nothing less than the best from myself at all times.

Corporate Finance pays my bills, but my job is not my life. I never sit still. I run, work, play with nonprofits, see shows, sleep, and do it again. I live life to its fullest, trying to enjoy all the wonderful things that NYC has to offer.


Paulo Coelho, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chabon,


Who is John Galt?


Honestly, the best first date I've ever had (which later turned into the WORST date I've ever had, but the guy really did his homework and planned a great night so I have to give him some credit) started off at Mozzerelli's, which serves really good gluten-free pizza. Then, we went to Spin and he taught me how to play ping-pong. 2 hours later he could barely drag me away to take me to see "The Last Station" (a movie about Tolstoy; I was a Russian major as an undergrad). Was amazing!


ping pong, poker, anything with strategy or plays to my OCD and my competitive streak



Performing Arts
Visual Arts
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