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Biking, writing, movie-going, drawing, dinning out, scuba diving, sailing, swimming, hiking, designing, camping, architecture, walking on the beach, shopping, decorating, cooking, reading, etc...
50 years old
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from 36 to 54

5'8" (173cm)




Fashion Stylist/Retail Business Owner


Would like to have children




Bachelors degree


Humanities & separate degree in Fashion Design


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The Putney School, L'Accademia dii Costume e di Moda, American University of Rome


United States
Venice, California


Amor vincit omnia!
To the man who rated me a 5.0: I was a model and actress in Italy in my 20's, and at 41, I still get taken for a 20-something (with no cosmetic or other alterations to my natural self), so clearly, you have no taste for the exotic. Pishaw. Not to mention that anyone who feels the need to rate a person from their photographs is far too superficial for my world, so ciao ciao... :-D

Anyway, I've been described as "Jazz-like" or like a "Coltrane rift, complex with elements of ingenious surprise and move-invoking rhythms". I've lived a million lives in my 41 years on earth, and have blended and softened like watercolors, but can still shock with my vibrant hues when I chose to.

I'm a Fashion Designer & Stylist as well as a Retail Business Owner, living by the beach in a realm that I adore. I'm also an avid photographer and writer. I've lived in Rome and London, as well as several fascinating US cities. Each place has embossed my heart, embellishing like a rare jewel.

I was born at Yale/New Haven hospital, the daughter of a solar passive architect and a film producer; the sister of an NYC entrepreneur/owner of an iconic hot spot; the granddaughter of a fashion business owner, a high-end furniture business owner, and a San Francisco socialite; the great-granddaughter of the engineer that invented the filter that creates gasoline, and a prominent NYC physician. So it's only natural that the arts, entrepreneurship, and fierce independence are in my blood.

I pride myself on being resourceful like Odysseus, and like him, I covet adventure. So far, I've caught rare butterflies in the Amazonian jungles of Columbia while living in a hut for a month; I've soaked in natural sulfur baths in the hills outside of Rome; collected raw honey from a bee farm in Santa Fe, NM; collected fossils from a rattle snack infested mountain in West Virginia; co-hosted a tv show on Rai Uno in Italy; pet a moray eel while scuba diving in Kauai; collected chanterelles from the viper-infested hills of Tuscany; sailed around the Bay Islands of Honduras for two weeks; fell asleep in Highgate Park, London in the rain; collected ancient Roman tile shards from a river in Umbria; eaten raw sea urchins directly out of the ocean in the Bahamas; been chased by a wildcat in the woods of Vermont; broke a wild mustang in Virginia; collected shark tooth fossils along the shores of the Potomac River (they wash in); and so much more...Care to accompany me on my next voyage?

Characteristically, I'm romantic, passionate, fiery, nurturing, spontaneous, honest, independent (even while thoroughly devoted), loyal, creative, a black sheep (as I almost always think outside the box), smart, sarcastic at times, compassionate, and genuine. I've been well-educated and cultured, so enjoy a vast variety of musical genres from opera to punk rock, the only exception being country music (although I love Johnny Cash). I have expansive taste in other forms of art as well.

My middle name is Thankful, and I aim to feel it everyday. I believe that life is about lessons and striving to be our best, and I'm happiest when I have someone with whom to share the enlightening experiences I encounter everyday. Old-fashioned charm (think Cary Grant) will move you to the top of my list. And if you surprise me (I simply love surprises) my heart will happily, and hopefully enticingly, skip a few beats.


Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Nabakov, Marguerite Duras, Italo Calvino, Kerouac, Joseph Campbell, Bukowski, Joseph Conrad, Nick Hornsby, and there are hundreds more. It's easier to say who I don't appreciate: Dan Brown's contrived attempts at novels for the sheep. The concepts are intriguing, though.


It might be cliche', but if you could be a tree, what kind of tree would you be? I can fathom a whole slew of insightful character details from you answer, so be forewarned.


Renting a rowboat and having a picnic in the Venice Canals.


Scrabble, gin, charades, play wrestling, pillow fights, chase, Pictionary, hide & seek, hoops, badminton, tennis, frisbee, croquet, backgammon, sudoku, crossword puzzles, Twister...


MOVIES (Way too many to list, but here's my best attempt): Apocalypse Now; Blade Runner; Harold And Maude; The Lover; Walkabout; Like Water for Chocolate; Little Children; A Night At The Opera; A Clockwork Orange; Breakfast At Tiffany's; Hair; Bringing Up Baby; Jamon, Jamon; The Cooler; Frantic; The Twin Falls Idaho; The Rules Of Attraction; Betty Blue; Cabaret; Out Of Africa; Mystic River; Killing Zoe; The Unbearable Lightness Of Being; The Lord Of The Rings, Two Towers; Shallow Grave; Trainspotting; Lost In Translation; Best In Show; The Thief, The Cook, The Wife & Her Lover; The Royal Tenenbaums; Garden State; Diva; The Notebook; My Date With Drew Barrymore; Women On The Verge Of Of A Nervous Breakdown; Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down; Ten Things I Hate About You; Life Is Beautiful; Crash; Buffalo 66; Il Postino; Go; El Hijo De La Novia; He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not; Amelie; Delicatesan; Twelve Monkeys; Brazil; American Beauty; Velvet Goldmine; Mulholland Dr; Wild At Heart; Memoirs Of A Geisha; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Elizabeth; Shakespeare In Love; The Jerk, etc...

MUSIC: Interpol, Muse, Radiohead, Garbage, PJ Harvey, TRIP-HOP/CHILL/DUB: (Tricky, Portishead, Strange Crago, Thievery Corp, Moloko, Massiveattack, Almamegretta) Skunk Anansie, The Verve, Sublime, Queen, Flaming Lips, Gang Of 4, Iggy Pop, Dashboard Confessionals, Costello, Waits, Grace Jones, Prince, Smashing Pumpkins, CLASSICAL (Mozart, Bach, Rimsky, Wagner, Liste, Rimsky) Live, World Leader Pretend, SOUL (Meshell Ndegeocello, Macy Gray, Nora Jones) Fugees, Skunk Anansi, Billy Joel, Prana, Ray Lamontagne, JAZZ (Jamiroquoi, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ingrid Lucia, Nina Simone, Coltrane), The Strokes, Alanais Morriset, BLUES (BB King, Vaughn, Theloneous Monk) Nickel Creek, REAGGEA (Marley, Eek-A-Mouse, UB40, Black Uhuru, Cliff, Finley Quay) David Grey, Fiona Apple, White Stripes, Eddie Brickell, NOLA BANDS (Funky Meters, Walter Wolfman Washington, Kermit Ruffins, etc...); U2, Chili Peppers, Oasis, The Ramones, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Beastie Boys) 70'S (Zeppelin, Hendrix, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Frampton, Steppenwolf, Lynyrd Skynyrd) Cocteau Twins, SANTA FE BANDS (Nosotros, Hoodoos, Alex Maryohol) Bjork, The Furs, Sugar Cubes, Everything But The Girl, Lenny Kravitze, 60's (Joplin, VU, Simon & Garfunkle, Cash, Dylan, CSNY) John Frusciente, Shuggie Otis, Archers of Loaf, Grace Jones, This Mortal Coil, 80's ((Eurythmics, The Femmes, Souixie, Thompson Twins, Cure, Clash, Joy Division, Talking Heads, New Order, Bauhaus, Echo & The Bunnymen), MOTOWN (Marvin Gaye!!!) FUNK, etc.



Performing Arts
Visual Arts
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