calliope: to love and be loved in return

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Travel, photography, teaching journalism and literature, puzzles, forest walks, the beach in winter, rain on the roof, the honeyed smell of old books...
63 years old
from 38 to 63

5'5" (165cm)


About average




Masters degree








Penn State/UCLA/


United States
West Hills, CA


to love and be loved in return
The self-consciousness of self-description leaves me uncomfortable, but I’ll give it a shot: I’m told my best traits are my wit, compassion, creativity, intelligence, and flexibility. My passions are travel, music, photography, literature, art, and of course, my children. While I try to present a pleasing face to the world, I'm not obsessed with my looks. In fact, the best week of my life was spent sleeping on a remote beach on Corfu without electricity, plumbing, or mirrors. I suspect that statement says more about me than any 200 words. As for you... I hope you are a kind, witty wordsmith who laughs and sings, appreciates art and music, welcomes diversity of opinion, feels comfortable in a wide range of settings, travels well and often, communicates effectively, and now wants to meet me. Let's leave the rest for our conversations, okay?Wit and intellect excite me far more than looks. I seek a well-educated man with passionate beliefs, interests and pursuits. I hope you are either a musician (by vocation or avocation) or a great fan of music. Base minimum: you sing loudly in your car or beat a rhythm on the steering wheel. Essentially, I want to love and admire someone who loves and admires me. Hopefully, you laugh easily and often, but never at the expense of others.


Ann Patchett, Martha Gellhorn, Vikram Seth, Beryl Markham, Tana French, Pico Iyer, Paul Theroux...


Sudoku, KenKen, crosswords if alone. Scrabble, Backgammon, Trivial Pursuit, Mastermind, Jeopardy, Battle of the Sexes with company.


Beasts of the Southern Wild, Zero Dark Thirty, Les Miserables, and Argo were favorites in 2012; Hugo in 2011. Old favorites include Local Hero, Bad Timing, Out of Africa...
My musical tastes are eclectic. I was a prog rock and jazz DJ years ago. Sang musical theatre. Not a big fan of country, rap, death metal or trance, but I enjoy almost anything live.


Journalism Educator of the Year, 2011.
Publish a biweekly newspaper and produce a weekly TV show with my students, as well as livestream sports events, and maintain daily updates to our website.
Proud mother of two intelligent, fun-loving, well adjusted and compassionate college students.



Performing Arts
Visual Arts
health conscious
fruits and nuts
hot and spicy
sushi, sushi, sushi


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