ceilidh: AAACK not another dating site LOL

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First love/career in theater (technical, history, dramaturgy) now academic librarian. Still direct a performance group: folk music & dance as a hobby. Otherwise, reading, gardening (herbs, veggies and native perennial ornamentals) and learning to play plectrum instruments.
65 years old
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from 43 to 79

5'4" (163cm)


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PhD/Post doctorate


theater, history, library


Does it matter?






Oberlin, UC Davis, UC Berleley


United States


AAACK not another dating site LOL
I am sure I will think of something soon, but mean time, it's all in the answers to the first set of questions or somewhere on this page.


Fiction: John B Keane; PG Wodehouse; McAusland noves of George MacDonald Farsier; 19th century novels; Steibeck; Restoration comedy, 20th Cenury Irish playwrighs; TSEliot. Lewis Carrol and a host of children's lit writers

Nonfiction: Richard P Feynmann, most biographies; American Labor History (Lens, Brecher, Dubofsky, Foner et. al)


What and who have been the most influential in your life:
-record/song/audio recording
-person you've known


Ideal first date is low key, meeting anywhere there's a quick exit if needed, discovering one has enough commonalites that you know you'll probably stay friends if nothing else.




All time favorites (in alphabetical order): African Queen; Bambi Meets Godzilla; Baron Munchausen; Blackadder TV series; Die Fledermaus; Gods Must Be Crazy; Harold and Maude; King of Hearts; Marx Brothers; MASH (Altman, not TV); Star Wars epidodes 4 and 6; Thin Man anything; Wizard of Oz,; Die Zauberflote (Bergman at Drottningholm)

I also like chick flicks. Deal with it.



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Aaargh, not another online dating site! What is it about the 21st century? How is it that we are all out here like some episode of The Twilight Zone, trapped in our transparent e-boxes trying to break thorugh and make a connection with other people? Especially those if us over 50 - all desperately asking for someone to be "baggage free. Mmph, she laugs, if you're over 50, and you have lived at all, you aren't "baggage free." The only question is, is it high quality, "good" baggage that you've held onto or is it dreck? This site must be very new, because there is hardly anyone anywhere near my age that is anywhere near my part of the U.S. Well, this will either be incredibly amusing or rather tedious, but as Mehitabel always said, wotthehell archy, toujours gaie!


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