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The short of it: I'm a geek-turned-jock, and apparently in good company on this site. In case labels of faith matter, I'd call myself an athletic-aesthetic sub-sect of the secular humanist church (agnostic/atheist).

The long of it: I've studied ancient and medieval languages, new product design, finance, military history, and sustainable development.

In an increasingly electronic world, I believe that we do ourselves a disservice to ignore the physical world. I have a fascination for economy of movement, leverage, and physical interaction. Thus my rotation of workouts: European swordsmanship, parkour, yoga, capoeira, kung fu, bagua, muay thai.

A good sense of aesthetics factors into many of the above interests, as well as metalworking, photography, and tango, which I also do, but much less frequently.

Thus you have a bare-bones but complete sketch.
43 years old
Interests Share
from 21 to 35

6'0" ( 183cm)




NFP executive director


Would like to have children




Masters degree


Philosophy BA; MBA








Rice University; University of Houston


United States
Houston, TX


Single swordsman seeks serious soulmate
I like to be involved. Never been much for spectating. Other than that, I'm amenable to most things. I enjoy stating the obvious and think digital watches are pretty neat.

The Vikings were not known for their emo poetry; they said: "Every man has his wyrd; all that remains is how he goes to meet it." Do whatever you will, with a will -- live hard, work hard, play hard, and er, die like an '80s action flick.

Perspective can be found everywhere in life so long as we enjoy it, explore it, and maybe even get good at it -- all paths lead to the same destination. Sounds a little zen, but it's why my physical arts all move in the same ways. Many things boil down to a few common principles -- foremost of which is a rounded sense of perspective. Have that, and the rest works itself out (barring acts of gods and evil overlords).

If these notions strike an augmented chord on the zither of your soul, then we might have words for each other.

I hold no preconceptions about the woman for me. Every woman is beautiful in her unique way -- cheesy, trite, yet true. That aside, I get along with people who are physically active, off-beat, irreverent, politically progressive, socially conservative, can-do, inquisitive, and possessed of a dry sense of humor. And by those who are not. There's just no telling. :P

I am looking for my Meta-Girl (tm), particular qualities TBD per each applicant. She'll be someone to cook for, to drive with, beside whom I'll wake up in the morning with her hair in my face, whose eye I'll catch from across the room, and who'll tell me her deepest and most frivolous worries. I'm far from perfect, and I expect to find someone every bit as human as me. It would be trite but splendid if she made me want to be a better person.

There are no particulars. She need only tolerate my dilettante nature, understand my jokes (laughing is optional -- just don't throw anything sharp), and romp side-by-side with me through leaf piles in cinematic slow motion...

No, seriously.. Practical romance has no secrets: it only needs a little love and a lot of effort. I'd like to find someone who calls me on my BS, is willing to listen, and lets me return the favor.


Poul Anderson, Rene Girard, Bevin Alexander, Soren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jared Diamond, a bunch of medieval authors, David Nicolle, Neil Gaiman, Lord Dunsany, JRR Tolkien, Douglas Adams, S.M. Stirling, Bernard Cornwell, George RR Martin, John Dunne, Jerry Pournelle, Terry Pratchett.


What keeps you going on a bad day?

What are your personal reasons for persevering when the human condition begins to weigh heavily? (tongue-in-cheek tone)


Sharing activities (mine, hers, new to both), b/c such things can be extremely revealing about a person. And they're more fun than watching sports or movies (even good ones). Some ideas:

A photography tour around downtown. Picnic in Hermann Park with a little frisbee fun. Or trying one of my date's hobbies.

Walking 'round West U or Memorial neighborhoods in the evening, people-watching at a local coffee shop near Montrose and Westheimer. Solving the world's ills over an Australian white, then forgetting to write it down.

Seeing friends perform at local venues like Brasil, Helios, or the Mucky Duck.

Shopping at Whole Foods, cooking something new and a little bizarre together.

Anything, really, so long as the company's good.

I enjoy small-venue concerts (Fitzgerald's and House of Blues are about as big as I go), but I'm pretty much terrible at the bar and club scene despite years of friends trying to make me more socially well-adjusted. I once ended up talking to a girl about planning her retirement, at Numbers.

And if any of that sounds old and stodgy, you're always welcome to come with on a workout instead, since you obviously have higher testosterone levels than me. Then it's gonna be on like Donkey Kong.


Ogre/GEV, Cheap Ass games (esp. their early stuff, like Give Me the Brain). I'm not usually popular at parties, as you may surmise. :P

Tag, capture the flag, Ultimate, etc.

Computer games involve European domination usually, e.g. Europa Universalis.


Moliere, Amelie, Twilight Samurai, Dangerous Beauty, Wes Anderson movies, Love Actually, District 13, Juno, Kingdom of Heaven, In Bruges, Schindler's List, City of Lost Children, The Man From Earth., Beirut, U2, Massive Attack, Vienna Teng, Magnet, Arvo Part, LCD Soundsystem, Lily Allen, Modest Mouse, John Mayer, Asura, Bjork, Jesse Cook, all the jazz greats, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Groove Armada, Gotan Project, Patrick Watson, Dido, Petshop Boys, The Cure, Tori Amos, Sting, '80s, Collective Soul, Cake, Yes, Moby, Chemical Brothers, Faithless, Kruder & Dorfmeister.


I've worked as a consultant on entrepreneurship, data infrastructure design (architecture), small business planning and financing, healthcare analysis. But satisfying as it all is...

The A-Team theme song comes out after hours, and I do all my own bad-ass stunts. You should see my business cards. No, seriously. :D I've trained and taught European swordsmanship for 11 years, parkour for 4 years, and now I've established a non-profit organization for the promotion of community-oriented physical arts and fitness i.e. a legitimized and income-worthy excuse to run and play like kids, jump over things, hit people with sticks and swords, and -- most importantly -- teach others the virtues of the same: self-awareness, decisiveness, good judgment, and creativity. It's two-thirds of a living now with a range of classes, events, partnerships, and programs (growing fast, but definitely qualifies as struggling). I'm pretty proud of how much I've built in the past year.

And I've forged and fitted a sword (and other blades and historical armor). :)



Performing Arts
health conscious
fruits and nuts
gourmet foodie
home cooking
sushi, sushi, sushi
wide international palate


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