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ancient civilisations, ancient egypt, anthropomorphic personifications, anti-american, anti-bush, archeo-astronomy, archeology, art, astral magic, astrology, astronomy, astrophysics, beat generation, biometrics, bisexuality, buddhism, charcoal sketching, che guevara, chris moore, comedy, communism, computer games, computer programming, computers, webcams, maxtor hard drives, 16-bit, 512MB RAM, cosmic superimposition theory, crystal, crystal skulls, cults, discworld, dvds, edgar cayce, egypt, einstein, emulators, entities, essenes, existentialism, fantasy, frank dorland, freemasonary, friends, game boy colour, gardening, gnosticism, harry potter, humour, internet, jazz, jokes, josephus, lenin, magic, mars, metaphysics, mictlan, mithraism, mnemonics, nature, peace, philology, quantum psychology, women's psychology, multiple personalities, reality, relationships, religion, robert anton wilson, sabians, sci-fi, sega genesis, sexuality, sir isaac newton, sokar, spirituality, sumerians, tai chi, sun style tai chi, cheng style tai chi, tarot, fairy oracle, the blues, the dark crystal, theology, theory of relativity, thoth, time, the gnostic gospels, the book of enoch, james the brother of jesus, unreality, vegetarianism, voodoo, wallace and gromit, writing, zen buddhism, video games, anger, copts, coptic church, creative labs webcams, logitech keyboards, web design, HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS, DHTML, mediumship, spirit circle, psychic enhancement, white magick, mental mediumship,
32 years old
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from 20 to 35

5'8" (173cm)


About average


Creative Writing Student






Some college


Creative Writing/ICT


$10,000 or less






United Kingdom


Looking for a relationship
My name is Anli. I'm a creative writing and I.T student. Writing and computers are my main passions. I love writing and books more than life itself, and like to explore the world and issues with my writing. I was described as geek at secondary school because of my love of computers. I love desktops more than laptops and like to modify them to my liking. I'm also very much into Japanese music and culture and listen to some sort of modern Japanese music every day. I'm very into the Visual Kei movement. I'm also currently learning Japanese, although the writing system is pretty heavy going. I enjoy talking to interesting, cultured and intelligent people. I am interested in facts and the world around me (but seldom with figures). I like good, long and stimulating conversations. I love learning about cultures and am obsessed with ancient Egyptian history. One day I hope to visit Egypt, France, Italy, and Ethiopia and it would be really great to take someone there with me. I would definitely like to travel more to broaden my horizons. I'm Buddhist and pretty serious about it. I'd describe myself as a pretty spiritual person but not at all religious. I don't smoke, drink, take drugs, or eat meat. In my spare time I sometimes like to attend my local Spiritualist church and sometimes do psychic or mediumistic readings for people. I'm also fascinated by world religions and spirituality. I'm pretty much obsessed by ancient egyptian symbology and religious history. I have a good sense of humour and am very compassionate. I am the friend whom lends you their shoulder when you cry and who cries with you at all the slushy or tragic bits in films. I'm an art fag, basically. lol


Philip K Dick, Terry Pratchett, David Gemmell, Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock.


A romantic dinner for two.


Tomb Raider: Legend, LBA 2, Arc the Lad II, Shining Force I & II,


diana ross, the jackson 5, jackson 5, michael jackson, earth wind and fire, kylie minogue, all saints, alice deejay, kool and the gang, boney M, rose royce, aqua, ottoman, abba, gloria gaynor, getz and gilberto, dexter gordon, dizzy gillespie, astrud gilberto, carmen mccrea, barry white, sister sledge, tina turner, wynton marsalis, sugababes, alice nine, knotlamp, godsmack, kra, anna tsuchiya, visitlip, an(tic) cafe, 12012, fatboy slim, moby, cold



Visual Arts





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