gsp014: smart and sarcastic

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chilling to music, reading, watching movies, traveling, crossword puzzles, hanging w/friends, drawing, writing, creating...
39 years old
from 28 to 35

5'6" (167cm)


Have some extra pounds


Masters degree


Trying to quit


United States
northern VA


smart and sarcastic
I am a proud veteran, a book lover, a hard worker, creative, sarcastic and goofy. My friends and family are the most important part of who I am. I identify myself through my love of language, literature, and games. I'm independent to a fault, but I am what I am. And that was probably the hardest lesson for me to learn over the years - I am me, take it or leave it! I will not be someone else to please you!


I will read anything I can get my hands on! I love to read. I stick to fiction mostly, but will read nonfiction that piques my interest.





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