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I am highly involved in the arts, both musically and visually. I am an avid music fan with a passion for everything from bach to post punk to 1970's junkshop rock. I am a collector and my collections include (but are not limited to): records, record players, typewriters, afghans, vintage clothing, bric a brac from the 60's and 70's, costume jewelry, odd novels, esoteric books, etc. I enjoy practicing maudism, cats, puzzles, nature, entomology, cooking, reviewing albums, puppetry, comedy, road trips, cryptozoology, the paranormal, etc.
a short list (some repeats):
the woods, cats, scavenging, old wallpaper, collecting old childrens books, books in general, ceramic piggy banks, olive green juliette radios, 60's, 70's decor, 70's in general, saul steinberg, animals, bicycles, blankets, buttercup, childrens books, couches on sidewalks, drawing silliness, ghosts, goblins, cryptozoology, coincedence, conspiracy theory, electric fans, charles dodgeson, flowers, forts, gregorys girl, pushpin graphics, william steig, hand knit, harryhausen, harold and maude, illustration, maurice sendak, the paranormal/supernatural, music, monsters, small earthquakes, mustard yellow, nurse shoes, old fabric, complex cats, gilda radner, celebrity criminals of the past, horror, olive green, soft sculpture, pack rat, ice tea, paisley, old timey junk, parks, pigeons, pigtails, pillows, record albums, red wagons, symbology, symbiosis, roald dahl, puppetspuppetspuppets, sailor jackets, seymour chwast, sewing, straw hats, thrift, tree houses, vintage, pattie hearst, model ships, candlelight power outages, mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thrusdays, fridays,the concept of freedom and how to break the sound barrier, saturdays, sundays, vitamins, watching clouds, bowls of kittens, 1960's illustration, wood panel contact sheets, yarn, piemen, pippi longstocking, old floral motifs, complicated wallpaper, peter sellers, vincent price, leperacy
34 years old
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from 23 to 33

5'4" (163cm)
About average


freelance illustrator/fine artist


Would like to have children




Bachelors degree


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california college of the arts


United States
silverlake, ca


coo coo kachoo
In the words of tom verlaine: "I fell into the arms of venus de milo"
If I were a clock a simple escape wheel, anchor and pallet would make me tick, but I'm not. I run on blood pumping through my veins and aortic artery casuing my heart to beat to send bloodflow to my brain which makes me think..therefor i am?


dostoevsky,james joyce, lovecraft, ionesco, brecht, buk, sendak, yeates, gorey, silverstein, meyer, endes, jester, kesey, kafka, diprima, rilke, zoo story, salinger, lawrence, sartre, miller, i like reading plays, i like writing them, ones about charles manson meeting lady gweniviere


What? Must love music..


Butterflies, fireworks, and cuddling


Scrabble, sardines, red rover, rhebus's, optical illusions, word puzzles, anagrams, zelda



Performing Arts
Visual Arts




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