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I like to read, write and paint. I am a bit of a classic movie geek. Although my definition of classic also includes 'Stir Crazy', 'Blues Brothers' and 'Billy Jack'.
53 years old
from 40 to 57

United States
Washington, North Carolina


Casual Elegance, Community Empowerment and Intelligent Creativity
I enjoyed school more then most, but I wasn't a straight A student. I didn't finish college, but I buy second hand college texts all the time if I am intereested in the subject matter. I like physics and philosphy, but I hate math. I can't live without creativity in my life, but I am only marginaly talented in sculture and painting. Writing is my forte, but a lively debate is just as much fun as writing a novella.

I am a square peg and I enjoy it. Some people rebel just to be rebeling. I like to define myself by stetching my limits. If society has a problem with it, then they need to go read a book.

If I was independently wealthy and I could buy whatever I wanted, it would be a 5 acre goat farm. I would enjoy living and creating close to the land and loving the right man.

I am a woman of faith and I live as such. I love life, love, nature, creativity and I respect people from all cultures and stations in life. I iwsh I could change the world, but I'll settle for helping and empowering those around me.


Dickens, Twain, Samuel Johnson, Ben Franklin, Stephen King, George Eliot, Catherine Marshall, CS Lewis, Toni Morrison, Angelou, Carson McCullers, Harper Lee, Dickenson, Grace Lvingston HIll, Brother Lawerence, John Paul II, Mother Theresa, MLK jr, John Kennedy, Alice Walker, John Updike, Upton Sinclair, Jane Austen and Watchman Nee


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