kitschytattoos: animation and tattoos?

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mostly art related things, painting, crafting, creating, and then watching animation, museums...i'm very visual. i also love perusing thrift stores or flea markets for interesting vintage finds. and, video games.
49 years old
from 27 to 57

5'8" (173cm)


Big and lovely


self employed






Bachelors degree










United States
bay area, california


animation and tattoos?
i do enjoy more intellectual endeavors as well, but yeah, i love cartoons, tattoos, video games and underground comics. i also love art (have a bfa in painting), enjoy exciting or interesting movies that spans from blockbusters to indie films, and thrift stores and flea markets are a joy to behold. i'm pretty much a city girl but will happily go camping... uh, car camping that is. i absolutely adore scrabble, and most games really.

i'm not exactly your run of the mill girl; sporting tattoos, plastic frames, crazy clothes (often involving knee highs), crazy colored hair and not to mention i'm fat. i'm pretty comfortable with who i am and can be quite entertaining on occasion. i know many a thing and know enough in that i don't know it all. i'm open to new ideas and views and love to listen to stories about people. i'll of course be happy to talk about whatever comes to mind, admittedly sometimes nothing seems to get there. on a good day you can enjoy my sarcastic humor with a childish view. i really get off on the small things in life - i'm sure because i have a young son.

tell me of our commonalities, that's mostly what i seek (i just want someone i can relate to, yo)


admittedly i read comics more than books...
bukowski, jante frame, douglas adams, angelou, salinger, crumb, julie doucet, richard sala, brian lee o'malley, clowes, bagge, yeah


why me?


meet you


scrabble, words with friends, spider solitaire, CAH, telephone pictionary, rummikub, boggle, carcassonne, munchkin, fuxx, stoner the video game realm - minecraft, castle crashers, any fighting game, racing games, adventure, bit of first person.


some favorite movies would be 'light years', 'being john malchovich', 'spirited away' (anything miyazaki), 'triplets of belleville', 'true stories', 'the fifth element', 'bagdad cafe', 'breakfast at tiffanys', 'short bus', all 'star wars' yo, 'the tao of steve', 'the fantastic mr. fox', 'night on earth', 'scott pilgrim vs. the world', 'i heart huckabees', 'pulp fiction', both kill bills, 'what a way to go', 'persepolis', 'hairspray', 'funny girl', 'sweet charity', 'head', 'despicable me', 'pink flamingos', 'dreams', 'clerks', 'high fidelity', 'sita sings the blues', 'eternal sunshine of the spotless mind', 'coraline', 'the abominable dr. phibes', 'knocked up', okay i'm tired of listing them, there's more (and i thought i don't really see movies)

recently i'm insane for Bee & Puppycat!

listing my favorite music is overwhelming but i'll nibble at a bit of it. kid koala, they might be giants, the ass baboons of venus, cibbo matto, beck, nina simone, johnny cash, thelonius monk, alicia keys, rosemary clooney, frank sinatra, old school stevie wonder, the new pornographers, mogwai, parliament, outkast, de la soul, the monkees, snoop dogg, the toy dolls, bjork, lcd soundsystem, anthrax, ac/dc, the presidents...otusa, older prince, the specials, early rolling stones, orb, primus, schaffer the dark lord, frank zappa, sun ra, laurie anderson, nina haagen, tom waits, luis jordan, louis prima ..... yeah alot more, essentially anything but most modern country and possibly dub

i'm adding some tv i adore as well, damnit. adventure time with finn and jake, chowder, the marvelous misadventures of flapjack, robot chicken, king of the hill, old school looney toons, the mighty b, spongebob, the regular show, cowboy bebop, the simpsons, futurama, samurai jack, and yes, it is mostly animation and yes, i've listed enough for now. if you dig cartoons and haven't seen the first two i've listed i highly recommend them.




really really?


really really really?



Visual Arts
fast and easy American fare
fruits and nuts
gourmet foodie
home cooking
ramen noodles and black coffee
social eating (group food)
sushi, sushi, sushi
wide international palate






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