kt630: Older semi-geek seeks same

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I love to laugh, to travel, to learn, animals, reading, music, movies, motorcycles, tattoos, pretty dishes, flowers, ethnic foods, other cultures, wild, blustery days, water (ponds, rivers, lakes, oceans), dinosaurs, hobbit houses, paranormal, odd but fascinating facts, parallel universes, learning Spanish. As much as I'd like to, I absolutely can't dance, sing, or swim. I'm great at being clumsy, croaking like a frog and at sinking like a stone in water.
74 years old
from 58 to 70

5'3" (160cm)


Have some extra pounds








Some college




Does it matter?








near Toronto,Ontario


Older semi-geek seeks same
I'm very open, honest, love to travel, have been to most of Canada, some of the U.S., England, New Zealand, Colombia as well as others. I fit into any group, can discuss a wide variety of topics and love to keep learning. I have a strong sense of humour and easily laugh at myself. I am usually very low-key, laidback and am non-confrontational.


Douglas Adams, Alice Munroe, many,many others.


Why do older men want young women? Older women have so much more to offer in all aspects. I may not be beautiful to many, but I've been gorgeous to a couple and that is what counted.


Probably the usual let's-meet-for-coffee and then if we hit it off, take it from there. A picnic, a museum, a park, a meal with a glass of wine, none of the above, but definitely the chance to get to know each other. Talking and laughing until the wee hours, or whatever constitutes the wee hours at our age, then reluctantly saying goodnight and already anticipating our next meeting.


cribbage, crossword puzzles


All time favourite movie is Lord of the Rings, also like the original Star Wars, Robin Williams movies, ID4, thriller, suspense, action, The Holiday, cheesy horror films on tv with the sound muted.
Listen to most music. Alternate rock, classic rock, jazz, blues, classical, even country if the mood hits me.



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