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Photography, Painting, Candlemaking, local art club, nature, the ocean, gardening & landscaping, love movies (except slasher), love some of all music (but ANY Rock'n'Roll or combination with other genres) but NO techno please.
63 years old
Interests Share
from 38 to 62

5'3" (160cm)


Big and lovely


Artist & Art Instructor






Bachelors degree


Graphic Design








Florida Atlantic University


United States
Davie, Florida


Classic Collectable
One-of-a-Kind, Custom-tailored, clean lines and classic design...built for speed and comfort. NOT the Mass-Produced, Assembly-line type you're use to; this one is to be sought after and appreciated by a connoisseur. Special features: low maintenance, responds to attention with top performance, goes from grunge to glamour in 45 minutes (record speed I might add), and she's happiest when taken out on the open highway for long drives for no reason at all. Quirky faults: likes to run late into the night, hard to get started in the morning (but responds well to soft touch & kind words), will stall due to neglect or disrespect, likes to push the envelope and resists conventional limits.

She knows, she feels, she anticipates, she responds...strong construction, resilient, sporty & intelligent by design. Has hit some pretty rough patches along the road but carries no major damage and has become more durable and easy-going with age. This model is adaptable where it counts and adjusts to the terrain, be it smooth sailing or rocky and unpredictable. You will not find another one like her.

I am who I am. My spirit is loving, creative, spunky, friendly, uninhibited, generous and in awe of what the universe presents to us. My body is female, voluptuous, short, auburn hair, hazel eyes, strong, flexible, and healthy. My mind is curious, emotional, 136 IQ, relentless at problem-solving, use both right & left brain, diverse sense of humor, and in a constant state of multitasking (possibly My character is loyal, honest, fiercely devoted to justice, tenacious, trustworthy, unselfish, and hardworking. My employment has been as an artist, a teacher/professor, administrative assistant, insurance investigator, manager, clerical, retail, and chicken farming (!). I have been (or am) a daughter, mother, step-daughter, step-mother, granddaughter, grandmother, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, niece, sister, surviving wife, surviving sister, surviving child. Cancer took my parents, alcohol took my brother, old age took my husband's parents, and diabetes took my husband. You could say I'm a survivor.


Heinlein, Asimov, Hawking, Trudeau, Ferriss, O'Neal, John D. MacDonald, S. King


1) What is the answer to's purpose, love, the universe...everything?
2) If you are as smart as you think you are, why haven't you found me yet?


Early dinner & a feature at the movies, followed by a drive to the beach for some conversation & ocean air.


Search/Find-A-Word, Scrabble, Backgammon, Monopoly, Tetris, Galaga, Mafia Wars, Gardens of Time, Words with Friends, Here Be Monsters, Gin, Poker (TH), Michigan Rummy


Any Star Wars (fav: Star Wars IV); Any Star Trek (fav: Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan); Wizard of OZ/Oz the Great and Powerful, Indiana Jones series, Jack Ryan series, John McClain series, Transformers series, Comic Superheroes movies, Anything with Arnold Schwartzeneggar, Steven Seagal, Angelina Jolie, Sigorney Weaver, Tom Hanks, and on and on...
I like some of all kinds of music except Techno. I LOVE all that IS Rock and Roll.


Raised an amazing son, Sailed a Hobecat, Flown a Cessna 150, grown & preserved the harvests from an organic garden, hitchhiked 1000+ miles in winter, survived 8+ hurricanes, earned a BFA & worked on 2 Master's degrees simultaneously while being sole caregiver to invalid (late) husband & raising a teenage son. Survived losing parents, brother, & husband without losing sanity. Seeking spiritual enlightenment and attaining peace of mind.


By one random act of kindness at a time.




Nature-Speak, Animal-Speak, How to Heal with Color (all) by Ted Andrews; The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf; Living the Science of the Mind by Ernest Holmes; Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson


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Performing Arts
Visual Arts
health conscious
fruits and nuts
home cooking
wide international palate


cats, and some dogs




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