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Evolving and using numerous activities to foster that.
65 years old
from 18 to 79

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United States
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Not only a Brainiac, also a Braneiac
My focus in life is blending a deep inner search for meaning with a desire to build positive relationships. That has been a very difficult juxtaposition since most people seek to base their relationships on aspects of life I view as "light" and superfluous.

My approach makes me seem like a renegade while at the same time, in casual contact, I appear conservative (No long hair, tattoos, jewelry, funky clothes--efforts to make oneself look different while deep inside being much the same). I don't have the time or energy to waste trying to look different. I'm too busy being what I am, which, unintentionally, makes me different. I am a serious student of life currently exploring in depth neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, history, cosmology and physics. I'm seeking discoveries which can influence my evolution and direction in life. As I make them I make significant changes in my life approach. This isn't just a hobby.

I don't have "class," just dignity. I don't act like a "nice guy," I just treat others with respect and consideration. I don't have "style," just my own identity drawn from within. I'm not educated but rather, learned. I don't have any "interests," yet I'm interested in virtually everything. I don't care to have any "fun," yet my life is a constant search for ecstatic experiences. I'm not funny, yet I find humor in the most serious circumstances. And I don't want to make you laugh, not unless I make you happy.

The above was written in metaphorical form to describe my characteristics more clearly, not to be clever. I've listed "friends" as what I'm looking for because it works better for me to build friendship first.

Here's a little more about me in a more earthly sense. I gave up competitive athletics at age 40 and took a modern dance class from a great teacher(worst student amongst the nimble) for two years so I could better express myself through freedancing, which I do at least 3 times a week. I'm a published writer/author, have worked as an archaeologist as well as a corporate manager. In a sense, although I still work I've been retired since I was 35--not because I'm wealthy but because free time and the search for truth are more important than money or prestige or any social position and I've given up those worldly ambitions. I own a 1400 volume non-fiction library which I am constantly accessing and adding to. I've taken consciousness expanding workshops, although I've found most of the teachers wanting. I drive old vehicles because I don't like all the electronics on new cars and I see a car as a means of transportation, not a statement of affluence, social position, or as a phallic symbol. Oh, and I'm romantic (write great love letters when I find someone worth writing to) and believe lovemaking is an artform. I'm looking for someone who embraces much of this, wishes to participate and is eager to contribute. I'm not drawn to those who define themselves by where they've traveled, what their hobbies are, and are seeking to laugh and have fun. With all due respect, we are all seeking pleasure and laughter in our own ways. But there is a child's pleasure--wonderful for children--and adult pleasure--yes we can have pleasure as adults. I've grown up, so I seek the latter. (For those of you who have bought into the concept that to experience pleasure we must be childlike, I suggest you need to reexamine. It's fallacious.) So brilliant women please apply--I don't mind you being smarter than me. I'll be glad to sit at your feet and listen. Hell, I'll even give you a foot massage while you expound. :)


Whomever has something original to say. I haven't been into fiction for some time. Currently I've been focusing on physics/cosmology (Lisa Randall, are you here??), neuroscience, psychology and the metasphysical aspects of all three. I read history for pleasure--all eras, although I have a particular fascination with the ancient period.


Don't have any right now.


GAMES??? Who has time for games? Life is too interesting to waste playing games.


Jazz and classical music. Anyone here heard of Denny Zeitlin?






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