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Opera, music in general, the study of other languages and cultures, literature, foreign films, films in general, meeting new and interesting people
31 years old
from 20 to 29

5'4" (163cm)








Currently a student


Vocal Performance






Ouachita Baptist Universiity


United States


Not a brainiac, just a musician...
Hello! My name is Hannah. I'm not exactly an engineering major, but I love engaging in intelligent conversation. Most of my obsessions tend toward the more artistic side of genius. I love art, literature, and music, but I'm fascinated by anyone who can talk with passion about their field. I am a thinking Christian, which sometimes seams like an oxymoron in this country, but I love God with all of my heart and my relationship with Him will always be my most important. I enjoy fine wine, love to cook, and have many wonderful friends that are very important to me. I also have the tendency to babel, so I think I'll stop writing in this tiny box. If you want to know more, just ask!


Margaret Atwood, Madeleine L'Engle, William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, D. H. Lawrence, Ursula Le Guin, God (meaning the Bible is the greatest book ever!), C. S. Lewis, Linda Berdoll, Normal Mailer, and many many more.

Currently reading: a list of 100 banned books (as my own personal protest of censorship). I just finished Lady Chatterley's Lover, which was exquisite.


What are you most passionate about? What is your sense of humor like? What do you look for in your friends? What is something you love so much you're almost ashamed? What do people notice about you when they first meet you? What draws you most to people when you first meet them? If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? What are a few of the items on your bucket list? Was I only supposed to ask one question?


Anything from classic dinner and a movie (but preferably something more interesting, like a foreign or indie film), to something more creative. I love museums, parks, long conversations, art shows, wine bars, a play, opera, the symphony, or any kind of show is perfect. I enjoy sandwiches in the park, or just getting to experience something with someone who is passionate about it. Take me somewhere that says something about you.


I don't know... Scrabble? Some of my friends are slowly introducing me to video games (I wasn't allowed to play them growing up), but its still mostly a spectator sport for me.


To many to mention! I can't think... I am passionately in love with whatever I am watching/hearing at the moment.

Music: I love Puccini, Mozart, Derek Webb, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Rachmaninov, Tchakovsky, Jake Heggie, Eric Clapton, Cage the Elephant, Massenet, Shubert, and so many more.

Movies: The Usual Suspects, Under the Tuscan Sun, The Court Jester, Pride and Prejudice, The Importance of Being Earnest, I can't think of anymore now, but I love movies.



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