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going to see art and music shows, films, and sporting events, both creating amazing dinners at home and going to the best restaurants here and abroad, travel, and dogs, especially english mastiffs, the beach and mountains, reading, outdoors, sports, and photography.
44 years old
from 25 to 36

United States
los angeles


I have been in Los Angeles for 15 years residing in both Malibu and the Hollywood Hills. I came to LA as a graduate student and began my career as a high school teacher and university professor. I am currently working in entertainment law and maintain a teaching schedule throughout portions of the year. I currently live by the beach and really enjoy the mellow beach side of LA as opposed to the other side of LA which I experienced when living in the Hollywood Hills during law school.


classics, histories (just finished history of Sicily and the history of the Hindus), political/social periodicals, too many favorite authors to begin naming, but just finished an incredible novel written by J. Conrad.


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