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MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC, ART, friends, community,

GETTING LOST in my studio room painting with something on the CD player, singing along maybe. Recently re-discovered George Harrison's All Things Must Pass --what a great album. Richard Thompson. the Everly Brothers.

FINDING A cool bird. Recently saw an osprey near Tahoe.

MY KIDS, grown young men. My greatest achievement has been being a mother to them. It's been humbling; I've learned so much. Connects me to all humans through the ages.
63 years old
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from 50 to 65

5'8" (173cm)




Health care






Professional Doctorate




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United States
Menlo Park , CA


glowing ember seeks new flame
I’m a musician (sing, bass and guitar) and artist, but also work part time in the health care profession, which gives me time to spend on music, painting and drawing, exploring the beautiful Bay Area and beyond, and spending time with friends, family (and hopefully, you!). I’ve been described as passionate, caring and smart. My wonderful sons, in their 20’s, are launched and it’s time to find someone have fun with, and to share what life has to offer. Other things I love: movies, cooking with others (not so much by myself), hiking, restaurants, travel (just got back from Italy-bellissima), gentle biking, the ocean, swimming, the smell of pine and redwood trees.... I’m eclectic in my tastes and equally happy camping and jumping in a lake or all dressed up for a night out in SF. I am looking for someone who is kind, smart, generally optimistic and has a sense of humor. It would be great if he loved nature (hiking, the beach etc) and the arts. Would like to find someone who is physically active. Also who is generally financially stable. Romantic would be nice. Musician a plus. Are you out there? Time for fun!


Erik Larson (In the Garden of Beasts); Abraham Verghese , Barbara Kingsolver, Laurie R. King, Larry McMurtry


How would you spend a year if money was no object?


Can't stop smiling and laughing, talking and losing the time because it is easy and interesting, feeling a spark of excitement inside.

Good coffee or wine, a small bite, a little walk.


Poker, Scrabble, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit.

Note: if you want me to play horseshoes, clear the area first.


R&B, bluegrass, blues,folk, country, rock and roll, baroque and some other classical, African, Irish, some opera, some jazz.

Duke Ellington said: There are only 2 kinds of music: Good and Bad. I like the Good kind.

"Movies are like a mother to me". Some favorites: any Hitchcock, Philadelphia Story, O Brother Where art Thou, Match Point,


Long training and achieving my MD, still learning there.
Raising 2 sons who turned out well!
Later returning to my first loves: art and music which bring me joy.
Speaking pretty good Spanish and French, e adesso un po l'Italiano!


Donating to causes I believe in: Amnesty Intl, Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, Sierra Club etc.. Writing to leaders with my opinions. Working toward justice, fairness and community.


Amnesty International, Sierra Club, Democratic Party organizations, Brady Campaign


Wild Tales by Graham Nash. Snow Hunters by Paul Yoon. Carole King's autobiography. Transatlantic by Colum Mccann. Land of Promise by Michael Lind. Economic history of US. A little dry but learning a lot about the history of US in general. The Lotus Eaters, fiction about photojournalist in Vietnam War. The Story of Beautiful Girl. Cleopatra: A Life. Gone Girl.


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Performing Arts
Visual Arts
fast and easy American fare
health conscious
fruits and nuts
home cooking
social eating (group food)
steak and potatoes
sushi, sushi, sushi
wide international palate





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