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55 years old
from 50 to 64

United States


Somewhere someone incredible is waiting to be found

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I am an intelligent and attractive woman looking for a smart, responsible and sensitive guy. Although I am a woman who enjoys star gazing, I am down to earth and enjoy the intimacy of a spirited man. I wish to be associated with someone who shares common interests with me so that we can delight in daily banter along with good food and fine, aged wine.

I am a naturalist. Places like the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert, have peaked my interests and thrilled my heart. I also enjoy traveling to different states and overseas. As an educator, I am always learning, always questioning, and excited about the natural world we live in. I am active in the community and currently chair the local parade. I also enjoy wearing a gown and heels as much as I enjoy wearing my favorite jeans and boots.

My interests include:
Quiet time
Spending time with family / friends
Entertaining at home
Holding hands

I am seeking a soul mate, friend, and companion who is also a life-long learner with diverse interests; someone who enjoys the company of a spirited, intelligent woman. I would enjoy the company of a man willing to teach me new things; who easily shows affection, respect and appreciation for a unique, sensitive woman.

Carl Sagan, a well-known astronomer once said, "some-where, something incredible is waiting to be known." I say, "some-where, someone incredible is waiting to be known by me and vice-versa." So if you are intelligent, sensitive, and an avid learner, send me an email.

Carpe diem!


Carl Sagan
Steven Hawkins
Page Keeley





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