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I would first like to say that I am looking for friends on this site only,intelectually stimulating people.This site is new and I don't really expect to find my soulmate here or anything.I am however open to the idea that I might find someone here who might become more than just my friend especially if they live in Canada,so,,,,,,,,,,,,
Hi ladies,First I don't like writing profiles of myself so bear with me here,I am usally pretty serious but I know how to have a good time.I would rather have alot of fun than just a little but I do like to relax and take it easy just as much as the next person.I can be very romantic and think that little things like flowers and small gifts when none are expected make a woman feel most appeciated.I am for the most part really easy going as I have more control over most of my emotions than most of the people I have ever met,athough this does seem to bother people alot sometimes.However I am very sensitive to those who are close to me as I have a good understanding of empathy.I am a realist and down to earth also honest and smart.I am a pacifist so I don't like violence or abuse,I think there is enough hurt in the world without adding to it.I am what I call a "survivor"and also a problem solver. I, like any other man also have a feminine side but I am not ashamed or afraid of mine as some guys are,I love animals(I even live on a farm but I grew up in a city so I'm not a hillbilly)and I write poetry.Some of my biggest interests are philosophy,almost anything outdoors,anything technologicly advanced,anything I can drive and for movies almost any and for music almost any but mosty hard rock.I hate politics and I am not religious in any way shape or form but I have a deep respect for other peoples right to their own beliefs.If you like what you read than chances are I would probably like to hear from you,So don't be shy,stop in and say "Hi".
39 years old
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Life is Perspective
I am an average guy for the most part.I can be very philosophical for one thing.I won't put on here that I am honest or loyal,instead if you would like to know me or hear my thoughts on this matter just ask me about my philosophy on honesty and loyalty as I think it goes alot farther than just saying"I am honest".I think when someone simply states "I am honest"it really says "I am honest,but I could be lying about it"



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