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I am a capricious girl looking for a hot geek with thick-rimmed glasses, whitey-tighties and tube socks!! Also must be into biting, and eating out... at a nice restaurant. jk ^_^ ok, I suppose I should just get to business.
I live in Madison, I go to Nossi College of Art and I plan to receive my Associates Degree in Graphic Design in August and then I plan to do more schooling until I have a couple degrees that I will use to become a very wealthy woman.
I'd say, for the most part, my life is going pretty well. I have a car and a job and my own place.

I'm obsessed with watching movies and talking about sex. I'm pretty perverted for a girl and I guess that's a turn off for some guys, and if you are one of THOSE guys reading this then I would formally like you to go whine about it else where because I am strong and forceful when I want it and if you can't take me being in charge sometimes then you shouldn't waste my time.

In my opinion, I would make an outstanding girlfriend. I'm not needy, I'm not a gold-digger, I'm very touch-feely once I warm up to a guy (but not in the clingy way), and I don't need a man to call me every second of the day.

I can't really cook, I guess that's a downside, but if you are a man that cooks, I have a special way to express my gratitude

I play video games, and do TONS of different types of arts & crafts, I like to be creative, unpredictable, & spontaneous.

People say I'm weird because I change my hair color every 2 months and I like to name my inatomate possessions as well as my pets. (For example my car's name is Stewie)
Umm I like cheese... and socks!

I do in fact have a fetish for nerdy guys, there is just something about them that attracts me... I guess I'll never know. I also LOVE a man in uniform, or a man with a sexy accent.

As far as age, 19-40 is my preferred range, and 40 is pushing it! I require pictures (I will send more pics in return), and a few e-mails before I actually meet someone. If there is anything else you'd like to know about me, don't hesistate to ask ^_^ (PLEASE NO FAT UGLY HAIRY CREEPY OLD GUYS!)
30 years old
from 18 to 32

5'5" (165cm)
Have some extra pounds




Currently a student


Nossi College of Art


United States
Nashville, TN


its mine, i peed on it...
randomness and spontinaiety. Surprises and road trips that's what makes me tick!


The train began screeching for what seemed like hours to make a sudden stop. They did this quite often in seemed, but today it made a peculiar difference in her mind. It sounded so deliciously close to her even though it was miles away. She let her eyelids droop over eyes slowly as not to startle the moment. She inhaled calmly, and deeply filling her lungs with the symphony filled air, hoping to capture some piece of it in her very soul and keep it there always. She felt so alive, so consumed with her pleasure that it was tangible. She felt the sweet melody wrap her in a warm embrace, then she heard the scream. Her eyes opened. She knew that was a moment she would never forget. Suddenly a smile trespassed her lips, and she let it linger for awhile.

I'm not saying I am my favorite writer, just that I am one... lol
My favorite writer is Tim Burton. 2nd place goes to Edgar Allen Poe and I like Stephanie Myers too :) I read lots or books I just don't keep up with the authors.


Why is the sky so blue? (That's rhetorical)


DDR, Guitar Hero, a bunch of Sega Genesis games, old school nintendo games, and Bop it Extreme are a basic over view of what I like to play... and I like cheese!



Performing Arts
Visual Arts





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