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FYI: I am now living in Oaxaca, Mexico, but free to live anywhere.
About me: (To help counter balance the false first impression people usually get about me the first time they meet me, namely, that I am too intellectual or too serious/intense). To the tune of Gershwin's "I got rhythm, I got Music, I got my gal, who could ask for anything more!:"), since I also like to sing as well as dance:

I got kindness; I got rhythm,
I got security, who could ask for anything more?

I'm empathic, can connect too,
fun and passion; who could ask for anything more?

Lots of play too, and adventure;
No control-freak, you can make sure

Too good to be true? Why then is he single?
Proof is what you need to see; proof is what I'll give…
[and so on and so forth…]

My two photos, btw, are about one year old.

Some FAVORITE QUOTES that communicate my values:
• "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" (Anais Nin).
• "Life is a daring adventure, or it's nothing at all." (Helen Keller)
• "Love consists more in looking together in the same direction than looking each other in the eye" (St.Exupery, author of the Little Prince)
• "A DAY without dancing is a day wasted"--Nietzche
"Activism is the rent we pay to live on this glorious planet"
--Alice walker
• ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT TO ME:"The difference between a good marriage (or committed relationship) & a great one is that in the latter each mate gives the other the same as in a good marriage, but in addition, each helps the other bring more truth, justice, &/or courage into the world.” (Tolstoy /GK). That above quote best explains why i'm single. But if you resonate strongly with it or know someone who would, read the BONUS offer below.

* "These next 4 years will be the most important 4 years in the next 14,000 years for the planet" --Sylvia Earle, world's most famous woman ocean scientist

"There's nothing honorable or wise in allowing a peaceful transition to fascism or the closing off of likely our last chance to avert a planetary-wide environmental catastrophe"--G.Krane

BONUS: If we are not a fit, I also enjoy matchmaking and promise to intro you to two guys who fit several of your criteria, assuming you are willing to go dancing or business mixers once or twice. If you intro me to someone that leads to a committed relationship, i have a very generous reward for every 6months we stay together!
67 years old
Interests Share
from 51 to 65

5'7" (170cm)


CIO/cofounder CoupleWise, Exec Dir (WinWisely App proj), activist






PhD/Post doctorate


psychology, education, filmmaking, book authoring, play


Does it matter?






Reed, Harvard, UC (Berkeley)


United States
Reno, NV




Want to co-Create a better world (and dance too?)
purpose in life: To do the greatest good for the greatest number while respecting human rights and being as fun and full of dance as possible.
Been successful as alternative school founder, filmmaker, published book author, and Health2.0 software startup entrepreneur; trying now to create game changer app to expedite saving the planet from the fossil fuel industry and bringing democracy to America.


Hesse, Huxley, Vonnegut, Neil Postman (author of Amusing Ourselves to Death), Solnit, Twain, Hemingway, etc
and several top investigative journalists like Hersh,Scahill, Prinz, Taiibi (too many to mention).
Favorite radio:
DemocracyNow, RadioLab, ThisAmericanLife, OnTheMedia, OnBeing, Lopate and lehrer occasionally, OnPoint, the Takeaway. RichardWolfe


What is your system or method for dealing with anger, disappointment, etc? I like NVC combined with a couple other tactics; but always like to learn more; OR

What do you want people to say about you on your deathbed or after you die?
What are 7 things you've done that made you happiest, in terms of deep remembered happiness (ie not short dopamine highs;which of course I also love, like sex, inventing and doing silly improv games, tag, etc)


Any that lead to a second


most of those games in my book on play and fun for busy people (Simple fun for Busy people)


almost any; depending on the situation.
I want to become excellent Lindy, EC swing and WC swing dancer, and Salsa tambien


too many to mention here


I already have in 3 major ways. 1) My current startup has the potential for being a game changer in movement organizing to do everything from keep fossil fuels in the ground and pass a GreenNew Deal, to getting finally a paper based hand counted elections system to stop the coup after coup, to pass medicare for all etc etc. 2) by helping millions of couples who can't afford a couple therapist through, and 3) will explain when we meet (but I did lots to prevent accidental nuclear war in the late 80s.)


Too many to mention here got to facebook and search fightbackwisely. URL about to be launched

Performing Arts
Visual Arts
health conscious
fruits and nuts
home cooking
hot and spicy
social eating (group food)
wide international palate


No Car
Renewable Energy
Public Transportation





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