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Dedicated climber for 33 years with numerous noteworthy ascents, professional mountain and river guide for decades, artist, harmonica player, vagabond with wanderlust and a knack for epic adventure. Interested in living to see a much better, more sane world, and doing what I can to make that happen. Hope to learn to Hang Glide soon.
58 years old
from 18 to 55

5'6" (167cm)




Carpenter, Teacher, Guide






Masters degree


English & Special Education








University of Arizona-98, Northern Ky. University- 05


United States
Newport, Ky.


Have brain, will travel
Hello, at 48, I'm still a fairly youthful free spirit. I'm originally from Kentucky and moved west immediately after high school in 80. Lived and travelled all over the western states for 22 years. Returned to Ky. in 03 and currently reside there. Have spent the vast majority of my life outside of relationships, but have spent enough time being connected to be fairly skilled at it.


Jeeze... "So many books, so little time." Became fully addicted to reading in second grade. Managed to break the habit somewhat during long periods of intense physical activity in my 20s. Realized that resistance is futile and became a confirmed junkie again during undergraduate work in my 30s when I majored in English. Have now gravitated towards nonfiction. Still enjoy the occasional novel, but real life is more amazing than anything that anyone can make up.






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