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My research passions include computer engineering, applied mathematics (algorithms including cryptography), bio(logy|chemistry|informatics|medical engineering), (material|neuro) science, and physics. I also enjoy amateur botany, mycology, and crafting.

Outdoors I bike, hike, permaculture garden, and occasionally swim or yoga. I am also interested in or would like to learn camping, scuba diving, sailing, piloting aircraft, rock climbing, archery, and ballroom dancing when I get the rare opportunity.
36 years old
Interests Share
never married
from 22 to 36

6'4" (191cm) or above




Researcher at a startup






Masters degree


EECS and Computer Engineering


Does it matter?






UC Berkeley


United States
San Francisco


STEM nerd seeks ≅
Knowledgeable and amusing but naturally reserved. Friends have likened me to Spock or Sherlock Holmes. I tend to be caring, courteous, transparent, open-minded ("evolved") and aim to be relaxed. I am on the quirky end of the spectrum and spent a lot of time in Holland before winding up in San Francisco.

I am a bit of a "modern renaissance man". As opposed to "T-shaped" my experience is more comb-shaped, owing to my travel and interests split between physics, mathematics, biomedical, and computer engineering. I have respect for anyone with the focus and determination to complete a PhD program.

Currently I live in San Francisco and am seeking a sensible female STEM nerd companion. Maybe to spend time exploring SF on bikes, building equipment, solving math problems, and going to art-music festivals. Perhaps additionally for monogamous romance, cuddling, or intimate companionship. I am open to anything and always glad to meet individuals with overlapping interests.


John Brunner, Philip K Dick, and Gibson's Neuromancer for cyberpunk. Aldous Huxley and Asimov for Science Fiction. Lord Byron for poetry. In the past I read Greek classics and in the future I hope to read Joyce and Beckett.


Do you pass the Turing test? Do you pass the Voight-Kampff test?
Which team are you on for The Singularity?


On my ideal first date, we decide to meet downtown or maybe at the Botanical Garden. We get to talking and can not stop, start drawing, taking notes. With the initial feeling that we compliment each other, we pick one of the many healthy restaurants in the city and go for a romantic dinner. After dinner we decide to go to an intellectual evening event, or back to one of our places to watch TED and cuddle, or call it a night with the glow of having met a right suitable partner and confidence in more dates to come.


I like thoughtful video games including the Portal and The Room series. Cheating or corrupting a game often entertains me more than the game itself.

I would like to try LARPing and hacker CTF tournaments at some point.

I am not into board games (yet): I lose speed chess in less than 60 seconds and once successfully abused an AI to cheat at GO.


I like indie cyberpunk or nature documentary movies. Art films are wonderful, such as those at the Berkeley Pacific Film Archive. I am generally not interested in television but enjoy watching creative videos people put online from TED to nyancat.

Generally I listen to mellow electronic music (Aphex Twin, Autechre) but also experimental, breakbeat, and dubstep. I really enjoy classical symphonies (Vivaldi, Mozart) and serialism composition.


I helped design a neuro-stimulator implant that will eventually improve the quality of some people's lives.

My other achievements are currently under NDA or would be too revealing to post online, sorry.


I would like to lead by discovering a more sustainable, advanced, and rewarding lifestyle. While doing so, I find it important to follow the Prime Directive and not interfere with the world around me.



Performing Arts
Visual Arts
allergy restricted
health conscious
fruits and nuts
gourmet foodie
home cooking
hot and spicy
sushi, sushi, sushi


Prefer cats but generally anything is fine.


Hybrid Car
Renewable Energy
Public Transportation


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