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I've copied all this below from ... lazy of me, huh?! I prefer to think of it as being efficient! ;-)
for fun:
My time now often involves the kids' sporting events, but I love many different activities. One of my favorite things is long talks on varied topics with some very sharp friends. Good conversation absolutely has to be part of a relationship!

my job:
I have a civil engineering degree, and have worked in both construction and design, but since the kids' births and my divorce, I've been working part time flexible hours in a small office with a very wide variety of tasks.

my ethnicity:
Norwegian/English/Irish/German mutt and probably a few others contributed to the mix and the beliefs! I very much believe in the golden rule, and value honesty, integrity and respect for others in all dealings.

my religion:
My Match and I do not believe in an omnipotent cognizant entity but do enjoy and accept there is more to the world than we know and understand. Integrity, respect and the golden rule are key characteristics that come from within.

my education:
I earned a civil engineering degree from UW in Seattle after traveling throughout the US, Turkey, and Canada as an AF brat; most of my high school years were in Hawaii where I also learned to scuba dive, bodysurf and work on cars with Dad!

favorite hot spots:
I live where I can enjoy the serenity and beauty of the outdoors, the energy of live music, skiing, and great art and plays. When I travel, I like big cities, warm beaches, and exploring where people lived long ago - things different from here!

favorite things:
I love helping my kids succeed, running faster than before, finding a new author I enjoy, and soaking in the tub with a book ... for lack of better company! ;-) A good meal and conversation with the right person can't be beat.

last read:
I read the news regulary, Ayn Rand turned my politics around years ago, and much more for fun. Clancy, Ludlum, and pop-fiction which I'd just as soon not admit to!

If you've made it this far, send me a note! angieincog at aol!
56 years old
from 46 to 58

5'5" (165cm)


About average


Marketing / computer work






Bachelors degree


Civil Engineering


Does it matter?






Univ. of Washington


United States
Bigfork, MT


Here I am!
I'm looking for an equal - a happy man with integrity, brains, energy, and good sense!

I'm smart, very strong willed, playful, honest, silly, serious, free spirited, usually proud, never meek, energetic, compassionate, and I love life. I can be respectable, and I can ride the shopping cart through the parking lot; I am a busy mom proudly chasing after my kids, their homework and sports(daughter is now in college and the house is quieter!) I also enjoy skiing fast, hiking, swimming ... and I love my garden, cutting wood and Home Depot projects! And ... computer games are a vice!

I'm not terribly self-conscious and will gleefully kick up my heels when the music calls - usually in the driveway! I'm not bubbly or pretentious; I like to play with wit and a mischievous grin!

I usually wear jeans and a ponytail, but enjoy elegance on occasion - a nice restaurant or a log in the trail, water, cheese and crackers are both wonderful.

What are my various interests? Swimming in the waves, or just floating in the sunshine. Kayaking when the lake is glassy or splashing on the North Fork! Reaching the top of a trail or finding a lake at the end to fish in. Running a bit further and a bit faster than the time before. Skiing hard; on the edge of control. Cheering and clapping at high school basketball and soccer games. Traveling and exploring where I've not been. Returning to the places I enjoy. Art galleries, plays and musicals. Watching my kids succeed. Playing word games, cards, board games, and computer games. I devour books; I read long past the time when the water in the tub has gone cold. (Not actually books anymore now that I have the Kindle app on my Droid! I had best not drop it in the bubbles!) And, I enjoy writing; it provides an excellent time to think.

Who are you?
Brilliant, fun, sexy, mellow, energetic, honest, even-tempered , open, free spirited, responsible, reasonably intuitive and logical. I prefer very strong self-esteem to humility. You are competent and knowledgeable about a wide range of topics. You are strong willed and like the same in a woman. You don't conform for the sake of conformity. You've a great appreciation for creative and original thinking. You like kids and their various goofy activities. You love to wander in the lakes, rivers and mountains. Beaches, floating in the surf and sunshine provide satisfaction and peace. You're mentally and culturally sophisticated, but probably like hiking, fishing and getting a bit grubby as well. You won't be embarrassed if I start dancing before anyone else and your masculinity won't be threatened if I work on changing my own tire. (Yeah ... you can help! ;-)

You are interested in the world beyond your immediate borders and you respectfully accept the differences found in other people.

Fans of Ayn Rand seem to suit me well as we generally share conservative values without the religious mind numbing claptrap.

You prefer reading to watching TV. (Unless there's cuddling going on; that can be fun!) You like to play cards and board games. If during the game you were to give me a suggestive wink, that would be okay too! (And you don't mind that I tend to use way too many exclamation points!!)

What we are together: We're best friends. We love openly and wholeheartedly. Crazily. Tickles and laughter, passion and affection all intertwine. We are devoted to one another, and always honest, even when honesty is sure to spark a disagreement. When we disagree, we discuss, learn and grow. We are attracted physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. We are challenged by one another to improve ourselves, and yet there is a comfortable fit in all areas:
Mental acuity
Philosophies and integrity
Interests and physical activities
Personality and emotional health

Are you the one for me?!


Ayn Rand is my all time favorite; others come and go depending upon whether I wish to learn or be entertained.


I like to learn what's gone wrong and what's been right in a person's previous relationships in order to get a feel for their opinions and attitudes regarding relationships.


The best first dates involve a lot of talking, and so I prefer a pleasant meal that can last as long as we choose to make it ... with a walk afterwards with more opportunities to discuss other topics, and learn about the person I'm getting to know.


Hmm ... I love all sorts of word games with Scrabble, UpWords and a less well known one, Anagram being all favorites. I also very much enjoy partner Pinochle or Spades ... or a wide variety of board games. Diplomacy is a fantastic game if you can assemble a good group to play it with. Chess is good too, but I have a tendency to play for devilish effect instead of sticking to good long term planning, so I'm less apt to win consistently at it!


I've loved "What's Up Doc" since I was 11 years old; the word play in it is hilarious and still makes me laugh so hard I cry ... regardless of my high disregard for Streisand's politics! As for music ... up until a couple of years ago, I'd have pretty well stuck with rock and roll of all eras, but my two teens have utterly corrupted me, and I now quite enjoy some of their favorites that run from pop to hiphop to some of the less obnoxious rap ... and some of the topics there can lead to some very interesting discussions with my kids! I have some of my current and some of my long time favorites on my playlist here ... and developing that was fun! Now I need to figure out how to rearrange the songs! I pretty well enjoy a huge variety, and especially love the songs with a beat that you just have to dance to ... and sing along with if my kids aren't being too particular about quality!



Performing Arts
fast and easy American fare
health conscious
fruits and nuts
heavy duty carnivore
home cooking
hot and spicy
social eating (group food)
steak and potatoes
sushi, sushi, sushi


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