At Brainiac Dating you can edit your profile in many ways.



1. Editing profile text field content
can be changed through Edit Profile


2. Profile blocking
by age and education can be changed through Edit Profile Blocking. This link will also let you change the parameters of your match. [help video]


3. Your Headline
and extra writing area (other thoughts) can be changed here: Edit Headline.


4. To change the background image:

Click on Design, then go to "Image" on the right side. You can add any background image, but it should have a maximum width of 900 pixels, or else it might distort the page. Smaller images will wrap around. The ideal image is about 10k or less in size and does not have lots of colors or it will take away from the text.



5. You can change the text and section colors
of your profile through the Design page. Note that the profile section background can be set to transparent if you would like the background image to show through. See the above video for more help.


6. To embed a video.
This can be from a site like youtube, metacafe or even a playlist from
First the easy method:




Now a little more general method, but you can add up to four other videos and HTML code.

Use HTML to create up to four different HTML segments.
You can place almost any valid html code in these segments such as an embedded video, as seen below. Make sure that you "SAVE" after your html has been added, then preview it.


Here is example embed code that you might get from common video sites:




<embed src="" width="400" height="345" wmode="transparent" allowFullScreen="true" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> </embed>




Do not include the object tag that youtube provides, this will crash your profile and you will need to re-enter it all from scratch.


Now SAVE and preview your html to make sure it looks correct.


Finally you should drag and drop HTML elements with Build Profile
Drag the HTML element from the right side into one of the boxes on the left. This will be automatically saved. Finally go to "My profile" and look at the result.


Here is what the first video above looks like:

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