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Thank you for helping me find the perfect guy for me! Would you believe we found each other almost immediately upon joining your site? And that our first contact was on Valentine's Day? :) You know, if it hadn't been for the Brainiac Dating ad you put on Facebook back in February 2010, David and I probably never would have found each other.
We both saw your ad on facebook on February 11th or 12th. We signed up right away, and I think we viewed each other's profiles on the 13th. I was the brave one and contacted him on Valentine's Day. How mushy is that? We've been together ever since. I will continue to tell my friends and family where I met my sweetheart on!
Susan & David -- now engaged!


I just wanted to take a moment and Thank you, after years of trying every dating site with absolutely no luck I met my life partner on your site. First guy that emailed me and it has been sapiosexual bliss every since. He is a super genius and I obtained a PhD in nuclear physics at 18. A match made in heaven.
Thank you for creating this site and giving us intellectuals a place to meet. Keep up the great work and yes I am referring everyone I know too your site.


So .... I was just looking for someone with half a brain to have a nice over-dinner conversation with, so I went on your site. I was tired of the nonsense and deadends, Figured wouldn't be populated with the usual characters, charlatans and freaks. And I was right! Not only did I meet an intelligent, genuine, sweet and handsome man .... I met my soulmate! Thank you!
- Bette and Charles, NY


"It's actually been one month ago today that we met on Brainiac dating. I live 209 miles north of him. However, we are both from the San Francisco Bay Area (where he still lives). I contacted him first. His profile was upbeat, wordy, full of humor and of course, intelligent. There was so much in common between us, even now, we call it "kismet". The attraction was immediate for both of us. We emailed back and forth for about a week until we finally spoke over the phone, it wasn't a long phone call, just long enough for him tell me, GET HERE QUICK. I was in the Bay Area by that weekend. We had a total blast together and have spent every weekend together since. We speak throughout the day every day. We end our nights together and wake up and start all over again. We have laughed over the whole meeting online portion of this new relationship but we would have never met otherwise. So funny, he SWORE he wouldn't be interested in a long distance relationship (I'm 3 hours away). He quickly changed his mind and we embrace the fact that we have two different places to visit each week now."
-former member




"I think this site is really great. I'm so tired of this world thinking that dumb is hot. I have told my friend about the site, and he got on. I think your site is doing really well in its increase in numbers." - Mirror Jack, West Virginia, USA

What can I say except that we met online. We decided to have a date and it went amazing. It's been a couple days since we made it official (boyfriend and girlfriend) and I just thank God every-day for bringing her into my life. Also I want to thank this site! Thanks for everything.
- Benjamin, former member


"Thank you for creating this site. I've been on for almost a whole day and I've already made several interesting contacts. My best friends will be coming soon. You really have something going here."
- Zero Pressure, New Jersey, USA


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